Can’t we just fast forward to May?

I am so serious about skipping March and April to get to May. I am so over everyone being sick in our house. Yes, I am totally aware that 4 kids share the love of being sick at some point from October to April. Since October we have been at the pediatrician’s office once a [...]

The Rissland Barf Bucket has made it’s 2010 debut

After my last post a lot of people asked me if I really had a ‘barf bucket’. Now would I make that up? Of course not. A photo is below. Don’t worry – it has been cleaned out for pictures. I had a feeling that when the kids went back to school after the holidays [...]

LOOKING TO BUY: Plastic Bubbles for the Rissland kids so they don’t get sick anymore!

Yea, Yea, Yea, I know it’s been a while since I have posted but come on… I have 4 kids now so give me a break 🙂  Here is a bit of what has happened since my last post in early November. I promise I will try to get better at posting weekly especially since [...]

Rissland – Party of 6, Your Table is Ready….

That is what the Rissland’s will be hearing anytime we go out to eat in the future…  but not the near future as eating out with R&R and twins is not an easy thing right now. Greetings Everyone!   It has been 8 weeks that the boys have been home and let me tell you it [...]

NICU Week 3

The boys have had a great week!  They are now in the same room but still separate isolettes, gaining weight, are now 3 weeks old and I was able to hold them at the same time.  My friend Cindy visited the boys with me this week.   She was my paparazzi for the morning and took [...]

Chance and Colin Update, Fun times with R&R, and Labor Day Weekend

September 2nd I had my 2 week post surgery appt today.  All looks good. Of course I asked, ‘When can I start working out again’?  My answer was (and I knew it would be) no treadmill, elliptical, biking (any kind), classes etc.  I can only walk.  Ok, I knew this but still had to ask.  [...]

Another Visit

Visited the boys this afternoon but didn't get to hold anyone 😦  According to the night nurses Colin actually lost weight last night, like almost 4 oz????  He did have 2 very large poops (I know because I changed one of them) which could have been the reason.  The neonatologist wasn't too concerned.  They will [...]