Twenty Three!

Twenty Three!

Dear Karl, 29 years ago I met you in  college at Kent State University at the Campus Bus Service. We both worked there earning our way through college. I was in the marketing department and you were a bus driver. I didn't like you Karl and you knew it.  You were annoying. A nerd trying [...]

Thank you FB friends! – I needed that push!

Thank you FB friends! – I needed that push!

Remember when I posted a few weeks back and asked if I started this blog again on a regular basis would you all read it, subscribe to it or even follow me?  Well you said Yes! Go for it!  So I got my MoJo back but I also want to thank...  #rachelhollis If you haven’t [...]


My family gives me great material to blog about... Greetings Friends!  Hope you’re having a good week!  Wow!  I made it to another blog post in less than 2 weeks! Aren’t you proud of me?  #ihopeso  Since I decided to get the blog started again #thankstothepushofmanyfriends and changed the name to Busy Fit Mom Life, [...]

Alpharetta: We have a teenager! The 13 year journey

We were told you may not walk, you may not talk, go to school, enjoy life, or live at home… Wait, What?  A teenager?  Where did 13 years go?  How did this happen? I am tearing up as I am writing this.  If I could have predicted what life would be like I would never have […]

Riley throws his shirt out of a moving car

On Tuesdays after school Riley has private therapy.  He literally comes home, unloads his backpack gathers his ‘stuff’ (I’ll get to that in a minute), snack, and communication device. I load the whole crew into the car to drop him off at therapy.   Now if you know Riley you know how hard it is to [...]

Because something always happens when Karl travels….

A #risslandadventure from March 2015 When you finally achieve a skill for tumbling you get to ring the bell and the whole gym stops what they are doing and you are literally on ‘stage’.  Reese was so excited she finally got her back walkover at cheer.   She did several to ‘show off’ but on the [...]