Hi Friends!  Welcome to Busy Fit Mom Life!  I’m Fran, a social media marketing consultant, a busy mom and CEO of Casa del Rissland to 4 busy kiddos and a crazy fun husband.  Riley, my 16 year old son has Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, Reese, my 11 year old daughter, and 11 year old twin boys, Chance and Colin.  My husband, Karl, of 24 years and I call Atlanta home.  This blog started 11 years ago when the twins were born.  The story of their birth was quite ridiculous and an experience I will never forget. The story will make you laugh and probably make you cry but it honestly happened and I tell it the way it unfolded that night 11 years ago.

Busy Fit Mom Life is a lifestyle blog about our family life with 4 kids (one with special needs) how we stay sane and organized amongst the chaos.  My mission is to inspire families to live an organized ‘Fit’ life with tips on decluttering your home, staying organized, health products I’m passionate about, finding time for fitness, easy recipes, DIY and so much more!

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I hope you enjoy reading my little piece of the internet!


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