Downtime and a Surprise!

Hey hey friends! Hope your having a good week. We are in that time between the templating for the counter tops and when they get installed. We’ve used that time to work on the pantry. I decided to take down the rest of the wired shelving and not wait for the contractors because I’m like that😂 #impatient



We went to IKEA last week to pick up the PAX system that we were going to use in the pantry. Karl and I started assembling it. We quickly realized it really wasn’t going to fit in the pantry unless we built it in the pantry. But if we did that Karl would not have been able to get out of the pantry😜 instead of taking it apart and bringing it back down to IKEA we repurposed it to my craft area in the basement. It was literally a happy accident that I could not be more thrilled about because now I have extra storage down there. #winning

In talking with Candice about plan B, we decided to go to the container store and look at the Elfa system. I spent some time there and picked out a system for both the pantry and the laundry area. Our painter will be back on the 22nd to fix the holes and paint before it gets installed by their professional team on the 25th. I have always wanted to use Elfa and cannot wait!

And then this happened earlier than expected … Countertops!

Ya’ll… These are so beautiful and the pictures do not do them justice. And the hardware is a show stopper🤩 I can’t wait to have you all over to see them!

It’s about to get busy here this week! We are in the 2 week home stretch if everything goes as planned. Stay tuned!

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