We have cabinets!

Hey hey friends! Hope your having a good week. We are progressing every day. Last I left you we now have floors and cabinets. The bathroom is not complete yet as more tile had to be ordered and guess where that tile shipped from? Any guesses? Texas! We should have a delivery date this week so they can finish the bathroom floor.

We upgraded the floor molding in not only the kitchen but also the family room since it ties into the family room. The laundry closet is getting a little makeover as well. We made it larger by removing the molding. There used to be accordion doors to hide the laundry closet but we took those down. Barn doors will be replacing the accordion doors for the laundry closet.

Our cabinets were delivered a few days early and the hue lights also arrived. Karl has already installed them. and the kitchen is so much brighter! We are fans of hue lights over here. I talked about them in this post. We have slowly been adding them all over the house and knew we wanted them in the kitchen. It brings such ambiance to each room.

On Tuesday the cabinet installers arrived. This was the first day of install.

Day 2

Day 3

I am in love ❤️❤️ Hardware gets installed toward the end after counter tops and back splash.

And just for the heck of it why not paint the entire first floor🤩 you know how one room leads to the next? Well that happened over here🤦🏻‍♀️

The entire first floor is alabaster from Sherwin Williams. I love a light palette and add color with art, pillows, and décor.

The countertop company came out last Friday to measure. We now are in that ‘lag’ period where we wait for the counters to be installed. The backsplash or should I say ‘wall’ splash (we are going to the ceiling 🙂 gets installed after the counters.

I spent this past weekend putting the family and living rooms back together as much as I could before the next round of sanding starts.

This week we measure the laundry closet and pantry and head to IKEA to pick up the PAX systems for each area.

More details soon!

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