Demo Week

Hey Hey Friends! Hope you are doing well. We are doing fairly well over here at Demo central. We’ve managed to feed the crew all week and keep up with everything as best as possible. It has been a pretty smooth start to the kitchen renovation. Last Monday morning was quite busy over here with the demolition. Everything in the kitchen went… The old cabinets, the flooring, the old backsplash, and the powder room. The pantry and laundry closet will be in the final demo.


And this is where it all ended up. On our screened porch. Ya’ll… I love to be organized and this does not look organized. Believe me I know, however, I do know where everything is in this mess. No judgement 😂 I told Karl by the time the kitchen is done and everything is cleaned and put in it’s new home in the kitchen we will be taking everything off the screen porch just in time for the pollen. Thank goodness because that would’ve been a horrible mess. We remove all textiles, clean and store them until the pollen is gone (end of April). After a good power wash we put it all back together.


I love the entire design that Candice did for the entire project, however, the powder room design is so cool and not something I would have considered. It is going to have an ‘edgy vibe’ but still fit in with the kitchen décor. Hint: the vanity is going to be approximately the same color of the island.


The plumber came out on demo day to remove the old stove, cap the gas line from removing the stove, uninstall the kitchen faucet, disposer, and dishwasher. He also removed the toilet from the powder room and put a brand new one in the kids bathroom. The one from our powder room is only a few years old so he’ll reinstall that when he comes back toward the end of the project. Or maybe sooner because he has to come back sooner than later… Keep reading…

We had our second oh shit ‘surprise’. I’ll get to the first one in a minute. When the plumber turned the gas back on after pulling out the old stove, he had to relight the pilot light on our hot water heater. When he saw our hot water heater he said oh you have one of those🤣 we replaced the hot water tank 21 years ago. We knew it needed to be replaced and it was on our list for next year. Well guess what? We’re getting a new tankless water heater next week🤦🏻‍♀️ not in the plan but definitely needed. He said there was actually a small leak. Thank goodness he looked at it otherwise we would’ve had a mess. What I’m most excited about is the app that comes with the hot water heater so when one of the kids is in the shower too long we can turn the hot water off with the app😅


We had to upgrade a lot with electrical. The new island will have electrical and we needed another outlet in the pantry to house the microwave. The new stove that we bought is dual meaning gas cooking and an electric oven so a new line had to be installed for that. With the undercabinet lighting, a charging drawer for devices in the kitchen, the electrician said we had to update our outdated electrical panel. Do you have any idea how much electrical panels cost? Neither did we. Well, Karl probably knew but I am clueless! That was our first oh shit ‘surprise’ when he was originally at our house giving us quotes. We decided to move forward with it. He also installed a surge protector and brought our house up to code.

They started the floors last Friday. Since it was a long weekend off from school (Friday and Monday) we went to the lake house. We weren’t allowed to walk on the floors while they were being installed. That would have been complete chaos trying to tell 4 kids, a husband, and a dog that they couldn’t walk on the floor, so we left. We were going to work on making the boys loft beds at the lake but it was raining most of the weekend. We made the most of the time by organizing the barn and doing some interior painting. I am working on painting all the interior trim molding and doors. Always something to do and always a project 🙂 We also enjoyed a lot of family time.

This is what we came home to on Sunday.

On Monday & Tuesday the rest of the floor was installed and the grout. This is where we are right now.

I was very skeptical about this tile floor. I was concerned a kid would drop something on it and either crack it, break it, and damage the heck out of it but this tile is super strong and beautiful! I am pleasantly surprised. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS FLOOR! Thanks to Candice for helping me decide it was going to be ok 🙂 Have I told you how amazing she has been through out this whole process? If you need a designer, Candice is your girl!

The rest of the week is filled with cutting out the wall to recess the dryer vent and taking out the shelves in the laundry closet and pantry. We also decided to do higher molding in the kitchen (I did:) and I decided to carry it over into the family room. We are going from 4″ to 6″. I will update you next week on the progress.

I hope to have my washer and dryer hooked back up temporarily on Wednesday/today. I should take a picture of the pile of laundry that is just waiting to be washed and it’s only been 3 days. I washed everything before we left for the lake and at the lake before we left. With 4 kids is never ends. I wash every single day. So glad we upgraded the washer and dryer to bigger ones, hence the reason they have to cut into the wall and recess the vent. More on that later.

Thanks for following along! More updates next week.

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