We are not moving.

Hey Hey friend! Happy New Year! Can I even say that anymore since it’s February? Well, I’m saying it🤩 I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is 2021. 2020 was a year like no other for everyone. We are still not out of Covid but there is light at the end of the tunnel. It may not be the same, but I can see the light!

Everyone is navigating Covid differently and doing what is right for their family. We are still being cautious due to the high risk in our family. I highlighted the word cautious because it is different for everyone. Our boys are immuno-compromised and my MIL is in her 70s. We cancelled all vacations we had planned in 2020, and all extra curricular activities are via zoom right now. We are not completely tied to our house ie: we go to the grocery store, we pick-up take out, etc. We are choosing how much exposure we get and control what we can control.

Our summer was our lake house. I am super grateful for the lake. It is our home away from home. My MIL lives in our lake house. She is in our Covid bubble. We need to protect her too which is why we are still being careful. If we weren’t she would have been by herself for the last 11 months and we certainly would not do that to her. My kids have not been in school since March 13th. Yep you read that right, virtual school since last March 13th. We are all here 24/7 working and schooling. It is chaos every single day as you can imagine with 4 kids. Most days I feel like I am running a fraternity and sorority house, but we have managed just like everyone else. It has not been perfect because what is perfect? If everything was perfect you would never learn from mistakes and get stronger right?

Earlier this summer we ‘thought’ we should move to a bigger house probably because we all have been here 24/7. The twins share a room and they are getting bigger and we thought they needed their own rooms. We talked a lot about it. Like way to much that it was driving us, really me😂, nuts. We love our neighborhood, we have been here 22 years. We even thought about adding an addition with an extra bed and bathroom but we didn’t want to price ourselves our of the neighborhood. We looked at several houses but saw nothing that was ‘the one’ for all of us. We made a list of pros and cons. The ‘cons’ an extra bedroom and bathroom – really the only con. The pro’s….. we have a full finished basement and can add a bathroom down the road if needed and turn one of the rooms into a bedroom. Another ‘pro’ to our house and we felt the most important to not move, is that our house will be paid off in 6 years and we are on the road to retirement in less then 10 years. We re-financed down to a 15 year 7 years ago. Why would we go back to a 30 year mortgage? We are in our 50’s with young kids and are in a different dynamic and stage of life. Reese and the twins will be driving which means more cars and I don’t even want to talk about car insurance especially with the twins. Can you imagine? So we decided to stay and are making several changes, updates, and renovations to make our house work smarter and be more efficient. I am all about purging, not having a lot of stuff and living with less. I have always been that way probably because we didn’t have a lot growing up and it was what my mother taught me. Live within your means and always save for a rainy day. Thanks Mom 🙂 Covid pretty much confirmed that you don’t need a lot of ‘stuff’. I can’t tell you the last time I dressed up or put make up on. It’s all about athleisure wear and if you know me well, athleisure wear is my wheel-house since I love to workout. That’s another thing… we haven’t been to the gym since last March but we pivoted and set-up a mini CrossFit gym in our garage. My commute to the gym is now 10 seconds, but I miss the community and coaching and will be back at some point in 2021.

Renovation and home update plans

Our renovation/update list is extensive but we are working through it. Some we are doing ourselves (Karl and I love a good DIY) and others we are bringing in the professionals . The biggest renovation is our kitchen. We are completely gutting it but keeping the same footprint and making it more efficient for our family. We are definitely using professionals here. For the kitchen I am using my friend Candice. She owns her own design company called Elemental and is the mastermind of our kitchen design. We talked about all my ideas, my vision, and what I would want in a new kitchen. She listened and went above and beyond in the design.

We are not changing the footprint or knocking down walls. Our kitchen is not that big.
We are reworking it and making it more efficient for our family.
This rendering shows all the areas we are redoing. In addition to the kitchen we
are redoing the powder room, the pantry, and the laundry closet.
We’re replacing the cabinets to the left of the sink with open floating shelves.
All the new upper cabinets will go all the way to the
ceiling so we will have more storage space.
I am loving the subway tile all the way to the ceiling.
The lower cabinets are all drawers which I’ve never had before. I cannot wait!
New range, hood, and encased fridge with more storage on the side.
You might be wondering, where is the microwave?
The microwave will live in the pantry on a pull out shelf. We only use it to reheat food.
I am swooning over this navy blue Island. You can’t see the blue color well here but it is pretty! The new vanity in the powder room matches the blue island.
All the hardware on the cabinets and the island will be matte gold.
The island will have electric and store some of my bigger appliances like
the crockpot , the KitchenAid plus room for more.

Other updates on the house list: The never ending list!

Paint the entire first floor – 2 rooms are already complete. Will share in another blog post. I am in love with it so far!! Completely changed the look of my dining room, foyer, up the stairs, and second floor hallway. I will share those areas after everything is complete.

Build loft beds for the twins room. This is how we are making their room work smarter. Honestly, they are never in there but to sleep. They are always in the basement. Karl is going to build the loft beds (with my help) and we will install them. He came up with a great design in CAD. We plan on making these lofts in the next few weeks. I painted the boys room in December to prep for the lofts.

Paint the basement. Karl and I may tackle this project.

Rework the backyard. We had it completely dug up 12 years ago but it needs to be reworked. It’s a great backyard that overlooks a creek and woods but the dog has killed some most of the grass.

The list goes on but as we move forward I will share more updates. Karl and I will take everything out of the kitchen this weekend. I am looking to toss or donate more ‘stuff’ and figure out what to replace. The dumpster arrives Monday morning and the demo begins. Cabinets are set to arrive and install mid February. I will share before, progress, and after pictures as we move forward.

And thanks to the friends that suggested I blog about this project. It gave me the push I needed to blog again 🙂

Stay tuned friends!

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