Master closet renovation

Hey, Hey Friend!

Hope your week is going well. Do you feel like it is still ‘groundhog’ day every day? I still do but that could be because we are still #socialdistancing and not doing much outside of the house unless going to the grocery store and Target is considered fun?? I am grateful for our lake house that we bought 7 years ago. That has been our summer and I am super grateful we were able to get away most every weekend to unplug and hang out with the family. We told the schools that we are continuing down our path of keeping our kids in ‘virtual’ school until 2021. My kids are doing ok and their grades are good so far. If anyone starts to slip we will get a virtual tutor. I look at it this way… Karl and I are fortunate to work from home so we can leave space in the classroom for other families that need their kids to be at school so they can work outside of the home.

I had a few projects I worked on around here this summer. One of them was our master closet renovation that we did ourselves. Karl and I love a good DIY and we love projects that we can tackle and save a bunch of money. I have always wanted to re-do our master closet. The only thing we have done (probably 10 years ago) was replace the carpet for a different carpet. I am not a fan of carpet. Since living in this house for 20 years, we have slowly gotten rid of all the carpet.

With any project, you have to start with a good ’embarrassing’ before picture.


I know, not good! This was one area I have never showed you because this one got out of hand. Yes, we have a dresser in our closet. This tall dresser has been in my mothers family for over 60 years. The longer shorter one that matches it is in our master. I cannot part with it. Many memories. Anyways, moving on…..

I took EVERYTHING OUT – didn’t take a picture of that but it was all over our master and the hallway. I then started to demo.

I took all the old wired shelving out including all hooks and braces. I then pulled up all the carpeting and underlayment, That was fun using a crowbar and hammer to pull all the wood strips that the carpet was attached to. Then I got busy filling all the holes with spackle, sanded, and repeated again in some areas. I painted the entire inside with a new color from Sherwin Williams called Gypsum and the molding all the way around.

Then it was time for the floor. We used this floor from Home Depot.

Not expensive but not the cheapest. Super easy to install after all the math was done #ohkarl to the rescue! I wanted no part of messing up the floor. I was good at staging all the pieces and being his assistant during this process.

Now for the fun part. Putting in the closet system. I did a little research on closet systems. Several were over $4k! I didn’t want to spend that amount on a closet?? I did a quick search on the Home Depot website and came up with this from Closet Maid.

I didn’t want wire again and really liked this Closet Maid one in the coastal teak color. I bought a large one for the bigger side and the smaller one for the other. I like this system so much that I ‘might’ be motivated to replace every closet, but let’s get this project finished first, shall we? I was the assistant for the closet inserts as well. I was in charge of removing all the pieces and staging them to be put together. Each side took about 90 minutes.

I literally purged and donated 10 bags of clothes to Goodwill. I am pretty good with purging especially since I literally have been wearing a capsule wardrobe for the last 2 years. I will share about my capsule wardrobe in a future post but I can tell you, I am a believer! I don’t need all those clothes in my closet.

Are you ready for the AFTER?



Those are all my clothes and shoes folks. No lie!
I hung a hook strip (on the left) with a command strip for necklaces.
I use the drawer for my jewelry. I purged all my ‘costume’ jewelry.
I hung another hook with a command strip and hung the longer necklaces.
New closet light.
I love how this floor turned out!

Yes, we each have only ONE side! A little of mine is on his side 😉 I purged the heck out this closet. Covid has taught us you don’t need a lot especially with clothing. Now, I will say that dresser in there holds undergarments, socks, bathing suits, and of course ALL my workout attire which honestly is the bottom 2 drawers – sports bras, workout tops, workout shorts and leggings, because that is basically what I have been living in the last 6 months. Heck who am I kidding… Athleisure wear is my jam! I will do another post on a capsule wardrobe and how I am a believer!

Grand total for this project was $600 versus what I could have spent which would have been up to $6K.

Alright folks! That does it for our master closet renovation! Have you done any DIY projects lately?

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