Covid made me do it.

Hey, Hey Friend,

I hope you are well! I know it has been a hot minute, well maybe more than a minute. My last blog post was in March when things shut down here in Atlanta and everyone was home. I started my social media business, started working part-time for a marketing agency and kids were home schooling virtually with their teachers online. It was a crazy time for everyone. We managed to have a photographer come out and take Quarantine pictures from a distance. We had so much fun with this photo shoot that she coined us as her favorite quarantine family! Ha!!!

Covid turned many peoples lives upside down but has also been a great lesson. Covid has taught me to be flexible, get out of my comfort zone, and work with what you’ve got. We are still social distancing because we have to. Even though I am pretty healthy and honestly never get sick (maybe once every 2-3 years) I have 3 kids that are asthmatic and immuno-compromised. I also have a mother in law in her 70’s that lives in our lake house. She is pretty healthy but when she gets sick, she gets sick. If I decided to do what I wanted to do because I was ‘over’ it, I would be selfish. If our family wanted any type of ‘summer’ at the lake we needed to continue social distancing so we didn’t bring anything to her and get her sick. Some people agree with how we are ‘distancing’ and some don’t but it is what is best for our family.

We are not just staying home and ‘NOT’ going anywhere.

I still go to the grocery store, Target, Home Depot with a mask etc. but we are not going to the gym, out to restaurants or out with friends. I’m very social so it’s been hard but I know we will be back to regularly scheduled activities. Our friend outings are what we call ‘driveway drinking’ and it has worked out great🤩

Covid has ‘confirmed’ the following:

To be a minimalist. I have only bought 2 articles of clothing for myself since March 12th that work with my existing wardrobe. I strongly believe in a capsule wardrobe (you’ll see this in a future post). There was no reason to really buy anything since we were not going anywhere. I have bought a few things for the kids since they are growing like weeds, but honestly not much.

Working out at home is ok. I have always been a gym rat and pretty disciplined when it comes to fitness. I taught group fitness for 30+ years, retired from that 2 years ago, and now in love with CrossFit. I miss the gym and my friends but I know I will be back. We turned our garage into a gym and it’s working great. I bought some additional equipment with a few more things on the way. We also dusted off our old road bikes. My husband bought a bike trainer for them and we use an app to ride. Much cheaper than a peloton and we are repurposing what we already had. I haven’t missed a workout since March.

Don’t compare. I am not one to compare. Never really have. If you know me I love lifting others up! I have always told my kids not to compare themselves to others. Always do and be you! Peoples opinions of you are none of your business and those opinions should not dictate who you are as a person. Always be proud of yourself!

And lastly – I would do anything for my kids but I do not miss ‘ubering’ them all over town from 3 PM – 9 PM Monday through Thursday 😂 That’s one good thing about Covid, getting some time back. Kids are not in sports right now. They are doing CrossFit together. Boys are still doing Zoom workouts with the gym and Reese is doing CrossFit with Karl in the evening. I am loving the extra time in the evenings to eat dinner and watch a movie together.

Covid is temporary. My kids have learned to adapt. They still see their friends if only from a distance but they understand. We check in with our kids to make sure they are ok. Instead of looking back on the summer of what we didn’t do, we looked at all the things we did do. Once again, its temp and we will do all the summer things next year! My kids are already planning a big party at the lake next summer 😍

School started 3 weeks ago ‘virtually’. I have a a new high schooler, a 7th grader, and twin 5th graders! Schools in our area are starting with phasing a few grades F2F – face to face. We are not going to be going back anytime soon. Our plan is to hopefully get our kids back in late 2020 or after Christmas. I would love my kids to go back to school and have ‘time’ to get things done and of course work without interruption 5,000 times a day but it’s not about me right now or really it is ever? Ha! My kids will be back to school at some point and life will get back to normal.

I have so much to update you on from our summer weekends at the lake, our no frills home garage gym, our DIY master closet renovation, and our upcoming home renovation. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media channels! Links on the side bar. Until then, stay safe and remember… Always do you!

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