Tips to stay positive during Covid-19

Welcome to our new normal.   I didn’t think in my lifetime that I would ever see a pandemic.   I am still in shock as you are.  We are all literally watching this unfold daily not only on TV but also online and social media.   It’s wild that this is EVERYWHERE! This is not a hurricane happening in one place, this is not a tornado happening in one place, THIS IS EVERYWHERE!  We are all in this together.

Like all of you, we are doing our best to stay positive and keep our kids busy with homeschooling, exercise, and not letting them be on video games all day!  If someone asks me if they can be on a video game one more time…. sheesh!  I bet you are in the same boat.

I think this picture sums up how we are feeling around here🤦🏻‍♀️ Riley’s face says it all😂

He wants nothing to do with this lesson

Here are some tips to stay positive and make the best of what is ahead.

Make a schedule for yourself 

I am starting these tips with YOU in mind.  You can’t pour from an empty cup.  We all put our kids first but we need to make sure we are taken care of too.  Before Covid I bet you had a schedule.  Adhere to it as much as possible.  Get up around the same time.  If you went to work, still get dressed and get a jump on your workday.  If you worked out in the morning, get your workout clothes on.  Whether you decide to jump on your work or workout first, that is up to you. Keep yourself accountable and get it done.

Make a schedule for your kids

I am in the same boat as most of you.  I have 4 kids.   With everyone home and home schooling via online classwork, it is hard.  You probably still have to work and now your having to home school your kids.  Try to keep them on a schedule as best as you can with getting up at a decent time, getting dressed, brushing teeth etc. Have them log in and get started on their work.  Brain breaks are important too.  If it takes more than the allotted time that the school has told you, then it does.  Each kid is different.  I created a check list to make sure my kids get not only get their work done but for also practicing their musical instruments, exercising by going outside to play, ride bikes, and getting their daily chores done.

Math and reading worksheets
Doing iready and chatting in Microsoft teams with his class

Meal Plan

I don’t know about you but I live with kids that can graze all day!  Have a plan in place for meals and try to stick with it as much as possible.  If I’d let them they would graze all day long but I have also found that they graze because they are bored.  Case in point… they devoured an entire family size bag of Doritos yesterday!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I obviously wasn’t paying attention at that time. Keep healthy snacks nearby. It is OK to eat junk food in moderation. I am not going to lie we did buy a lot of food to prepare for this crisis but we do have 4 kids.  We are prepared with several meals planned.


We decided as a family to not go to the gym.  This is a hard one for me especially.  I love the gym and I love to workout, however, my boys have asthma.  I know they are low risk at getting Covid, however, my special needs child cannot tell me how is he feeling.  I can read him pretty well, but I cannot fathom going out and possibly bringing something in to  make him sick. Every day I log on to our CrossFit gym and find an at home WOD for myself as well as my kids. You can find workouts anywhere online, YouTube, Pinterest, and pretty much everywhere.  The internet is not down, take advantage of online workouts.  Going for a walk or run is great exercise! I am not a runner by any means but I  have been turning into one.   This is NOT the time to give up on your workouts.  If your used to working out in classes, I get it, I really do,  but you need to get out of your comfort zone and make it work.

Skate boarding
Riding bikes

House projects

Have a project you have been wanting to get done?  This is a great time to do it! Closets, drawers, the fridge, the laundry room, the basement etc. Use this time at home to your advantage.  Clean it all out and take it to Goodwill and donate when this is over. This week I have been working on purging clothes and having my kids try clothes on to see what we can keep or donate.  Get your kids involved in these projects to help out! Here are a few projects on my blog I did last year that may inspire you.  And they didn’t cost me a thing, just my time.

Project Bathroom drawers! 

Project China/Liquor Cabinet!

Project Craft Table!


This is a great time to start Spring cleaning too.  After all those organizing projects are done give your house a good Spring clean.  We don’t have a cleaning lady around here. I am the cleaning lady with the help of my kids.  Check out this post for easy cleaning tips.

EASY Daily Cleaning List!

Spring yard clean up

Another great project to get done.  I love working in my yard! I don’t have a yard person either, so I get my kids to help out with raking leaves and picking up sticks. I’ll give the lawn a good cut, weed beds, figure out what I want to plant, and get it ready for Spring.

Kids – Kids – Kids

Depending on their age, kids can help with those projects mentioned above.  Just realize it may not be as perfect. This is where I have a hard time #perfectionist. This is a great time to do a puzzle, play a board game, watch movies, and read books.  I know it is hard to keep them busy – believe me I do – just do your best with what you have.  A quick google search for fun things to do at home with kids can help you tremendously.

A daily walk with Riley to keep him moving

I hope some of these ideas inspire you and keep you busy and sane during these next several weeks.  Try to stay as positive as you can.  I know it’s hard. We are all anxious for the fear of the unknown that may be ahead.  What are you doing to stay sane?

You’ve got this!


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