A Christmas Story ‘Experience’

Happy New Year friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!   I cannot believe it is already the middle of January.  Kids have been back to school over a week, homework and projects have started to trickle in, and we are back on schedule.  Re-entry was no joke with my 4 kiddos but we managed to get it done.

After Christmas we traveled up to Kent, Ohio for a family surprise party.  Karl and I both graduated from Kent State University. He is from Kent and I am from Cleveland.  Back in October when we booked our flight, I told Karl we should take the kids on a side trip somewhere in Cleveland.  He came up with the idea of  seeing A Christmas Story house.  What a fantastic idea right?  If you don’t know, A Christmas Story was filmed in Cleveland in 1983.  It’s our all time favorite Christmas movie! We probably watch it a million times over the holidays.

Be prepared for major picture overload 🙂

So yes, you can totally tour the house, check out the museum across the street as well as the gift shop, but did you know you can sleep in A Christmas Story house?  Yep! you heard that right.  You totally can!  With it being the holidays there was no availability but the Bumpus house next door was open and I reserved it STAT!  Remember the Bumpus hounds in the movie?  The dogs that ran through A Christmas Story house kitchen and ate the turkey, hence the reason they went out for Chinese food on Christmas day? The Bumpus house next door was purchased, refurbished, and turned it into a nightly rental that opened about a year ago.

We have heard so much about the house and could not wait to check out the Tremont area that has really grown since we moved here 20 years ago.  We arrived late morning on December 30th, which was also Reese’s birthday.  We first checked out the gift shop where we picked up our house tour tickets.  Tickets are $13 each but ours were included in the overnight stay.   When you walk into the house you are literally walking into the movie set.   It was so cool! It was so fun to see the leg lamp in the family room, walk upstairs to see the bedrooms, bathroom,  and back downstairs to the kitchen. There we so many fascinating facts about the house too.

The infamous Leg Lamp!
Does this bring back memories?  
You’ll shoot your eye out!
The backyard – see the steel plant in the back? Check out the fun facts as you scroll as to why they picked his house to film the movie.


If you are from Cleveland and about my age (53 next month:) then you’ll remember the Higbee’s holiday boxes. Seeing these boxes in the house brought back many memories for me.


Fun Facts!


The family car 
The firetruck that saved the boy from the ‘tongue’ scene on the lamp post.  “I triple dog dare you to put your tongue on the lamp post!”


Across from A Christmas Story house is the Rowley Inn.  It was the hang out for the cast and crew after filming.  We had dinner at the Rowley Inn that evening.  Great local bar with great food!  Do you remember the scene when Ralphie’s brother Randy ate his mom’s meatloaf with his mouth like a ‘piggy’?  The Rowley Inn has a meatloaf challenge based off that scene from the movie.  If anyone eats the meatloaf on their menu without their hands,  they get a free t-shirt. Colin decided he was up for the challenge.  Karl and I were shocked that he wanted to give it a try so we let him (he is our ‘clean’ kid).

Challenge accepted!
The famous meatloaf
Don’t give up Colin!
Way to go buddy!
The prize!  He was so proud of himself!

No he did not clean his plate but this was a full adult meal (even though my kids are bottomless pits when it comes to food) but Karl talked to the hostess and told her to add the shirt to the bill (since he didn’t finish ALL of it).  He was so proud of himself for eating just about all of it!

More fun facts!


Across from A Christmas Story house is a museum where a lot of the props, cast members clothing, and artifacts from the movie are on display.


And then of course, a gift shop with just about everything related to A Christmas Story!  You can even ‘rent’ a bunny suit and take a picture in it at the house

Lifebouy soap, anyone?

Fray-Gee-Lee!!!  Look, It’s Italian!


Of course we bought that hat for him 🙂




This place was so cool to stay in!  It has 2 suites.  Ours was upstairs.  It had 2 bedrooms and a loft area with bunk beds, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen, dining, and family room area.  The manager that checked us in mentioned the designer created a ‘hillbilly eclectic’ design since the Bumpus family is referred to as the hillbilly neighbors in the movie.


The view of A Christmas Story house from the Bumpus house

Phew! That was  long one but I had a lot of pictures to share.  Hope you enjoyed! This trip was a fun one and one our family will never forget.  I highly recommend visiting especially if you are a fan of A Christmas Story!  I hope your 2020 is off to a great start!


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