Three ‘Random’ Things

Happy Wednesday! I cannot believe it is November!!!  This year has flown by way too fast.  Now that we are down to the last few months of the year there is so much to prepare for and get done with all the upcoming holidays.  We can do this, right?

I hope you had a great Halloween!  Here is my crew dressed up for Halloween, except Riley.  He picked out a pizza costume but did not wear it.   I take the path of least resistance over here and just rolled with it.  No point in forcing him with that smile.  There is always next year, right? LOL! We were concerned about the weather as it called for 100% rain for Halloween. What started as a 70 degree day turned into a 45 degree evening. A storm came through and literally dropped to cold temps in an hour! But the rain stopped when the neighborhood party started and Halloween was celebrated! This was the first year I did not have walk the neighborhood with my kids 😦  I gave them parameters as to how far they could go and they adhered to it.  Riley and I stayed back and handed out candy.

I love sharing with my readers all things health, fitness, DIY, and organization! This week I am sharing a recent food find, DIY, and a holiday gift idea – hence the title ‘Three Random Things’ I am loving right now.


This pancake mix is the bomb-digity!  Is that even a word?  It is so good!  Karl found it at Publix.  But you can also find it here on Amazon:   Birch Benders      It is pricey but totally worth it!  If you don’t know I live the Keto lifestyle so I don’t do grains or a lot of sugar.   I have not put syrup on it yet, just butter,  but I am on the lookout for a clean/keto/paleo one.  If you are loving one, please share with me in the comments!

Barn Doors DIY 

We finally started the barn doors!  We have been wanting bard doors in the basement office to block out the noise when the kids are playing video games.  Found these on Amazon and bought 2 to block from the video game/theatre room and to block from the music room.   Easy to install, except Karl had a hard time with the header to put the hardware on,  but super simple to put the actual door together.  It comes in a long cardboard box and you put it together like a puzzle.  Now…  the burning question…  should I paint the door, stain it, or leave as is?  I love the natural look but would love your suggestions!  You can find them here: Barn Door  and here:  Barn door hardware


I have started holiday shopping in the form of preparing for teacher gifts and girlfriends gifts.  With 4 kids we have a lot of teachers, sports coaches, therapists for Riley and then some.   I don’t know about you but I LOVE the dollar spot at Target!  Or as I have re-named it…  the $1-$7 dollar spot.  So many fun gift ideas!    These items don’t break the bank.   Don’t worry teachers…  there aren’t any lotions, candles or coffee mugs on this list 🙂  #thethingsteachersdontwant

Check out these fun zippered ‘makeup’ bags.  I am going to pair them with these cute cozy socks and holiday lip balm for girlfriends.  I am still on the hunt for a few more gift ideas.  I also found these cute gift card holders which will hold $5 Starbucks gift cards for Reese to give to her teachers.



Have you started holiday shopping yet?  What other fun gift ideas are on your list? I would love to hear your gift ideas!


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