Twenty Three!

Dear Karl,

29 years ago I met you in  college at Kent State University at the Campus Bus Service. We both worked there earning our way through college. I was in the marketing department and you were a bus driver. I didn’t like you Karl and you knew it.  You were annoying. A nerd trying to get the ‘girl’.  You were so obnoxious that you got on my nerves at work… true story folks!


Then summer came and I stayed in Kent because I didn’t want to move home for the summer. So I stayed and worked. It was the last summer before I graduated.  The bus service had a club called campus bus club. Everyone at work was part of it. We all went out a lot, like all the time… it was college right? and it was summer! As the summer went on the ‘group’ got smaller and smaller and then it was down to just you and I going out. You grew on me and we became friends. If our friend Steve is reading this he is snickering because he still says you and I are still just ‘friends’ to this day 😂 Our friendship grew and I started to like you and you grew on me.  You made me laugh (and still do every day).  We then started dating my last year of college.

When I graduated from KSU in 1990 with a business and marketing degree, I didn’t want to move back home.  I wanted to stay in Kent with you.  I quickly found a job and bought a new car. I was living the dream of graduating college, starting my career, starting to pay back my college loans and you were right there by my side the entire time.  You still had a few more years of college before graduating.  I worked at my career while you finished college those next 4 years.  You proposed in 1994 when you graduated and found your first job.  You can read about that crazy proposal and my answer here: A Shower Proposal

We got married on September 28th, 1996 – 23 years ago.  To say our life has been perfect without ups and downs? WRONG! Our life is not perfect but we manage to work through all.the.things thrown at us.  But what I can tell you is this:

I love you more today than the day I married you.  We have created a family that is absolutely amazing, even though it’s a cluster every damn day, but we get through it with as much grace as possible.  I couldn’t imagine life without our 4 awesome kids, Max the dog, 2 cats and a plethora of memories that I am forever grateful for.




Karl, thank you for being obnoxious and annoying 30 years ago! I cannot imagine this life the last 30 years of dating and being married to anyone else.  I love you more than ever.  Here’s to another 23!



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