EASY Daily Cleaning List!

Hey Friends!

How’s your week going?  I have been a bit busy and blogging has been put on the back burner the last 2 weeks.  Between helping my client with their social media marketing (I’m loving it!) and working on Brew & BBQ for CdLS, plus the fact I have 4 kids and their activities… it has been crazy!  I am super excited for the Brew & BBQ coming up next weekend! It is the 10th annual and I cannot believe it! We have so many great items that have been donated for the silent auction.  As of now I am a bit ahead but more is coming in! Right now we have 50 items to bid on and the link goes LIVE on Saturday!  I will let you know more VERY soon!

Last month on Facebook I polled my Busy Fit Mom Life group (want to join it? Click here: Busy Fit Mom Life FB group ) to see if they cleaned their home or hire cleaners.  It was a 70/30 split with 70% do it themselves and 30% hire cleaners.  Cleaning can be very overwhelming for many people.  It is a large task and I would bet to say that most people want a clean home but after a busy day of working, kid activities, homework, running errands etc. the last thing you want to do is clean your house.

After I stopped working before Reese was born, I worked full-time.  I had a cleaning lady every 2 weeks and it was life changing!  But when I quit working to be a stay at home mom, the first thing to go was the cleaning lady.  I love a clean house but don’t like spending hours cleaning. I came up with a daily list of ‘chores’ that everyone could help with and put it on the fridge for the family to see but guess what? No one was reading it 🤦🏻‍♀️ It was long and overwhelming.

That list still sits on the fridge but I came up with a new list to make it even easier and NOT time consuming. Every day I do ‘something’ that builds up to another task and make it fit in with my plan for the day. Whether you are a SAHM, Working mom, professional, dog mom, retired mom, etc. you can totally do this.  I timed them and not one takes more than 30 minutes a day! Here it is:

Each of these daily tasks can be done in 30 minutes a day and are not overwhelming.  If you kept up with each one on a weekly basis your house will stay clean.   I set a timer for 30 minutes, put on some music or a podcast and get it done.  I strongly believe you can accomplish A LOT in 30 minutes.

Washing sheets may take longer due to putting them in the washer and then into the dryer but each of those tasks should take less than a minute. Once the dryer is finished I have my kids take them out and bring them up to their rooms to put them back on their beds. I do help Riley put his back on with him assisting me 🙂

As for the kitchen and laundry?  I have to do both every single day.  With a family of 4 that eats out maybe 1x a week, we cook a lot so my kitchen gets a daily workout.  I wipe down surfaces daily, run the dishwasher, and sweep the kitchen floor every night.  If I don’t do at least one load of laundry a day the laundry is insane in 2-3 days.   Now you may be asking …  do I put it away every day? The answer is…  yes, I do.  If I don’t it will pile up everywhere and my kids will be looking for a certain shirt or pair of pants.  My kids do help by putting their laundry away.  I will say doing laundry daily is a great way to have a ‘capsule’ wardrobe.  Have you heard of it?   That is a post for another day, but I am a firm believer in a capsule wardrobe.  I started wearing a capsule wardrobe over a year ago when I lost almost 20 lbs.  I gave away so many clothes and started wearing the smaller sizes I had.  I only bought a few things but made sure they went with a lot of other pieces in my closet. I also have found that my kids like wearing the same things and interchange them with different shirts and pants so I have pared down their closets too. Doing laundry daily has helped to cut back on our clothing budget.

I am always looking for ways to be more efficient with many tasks and cleaning is one of them.   I hope this gives you some suggestions with just doing one cleaning task a day.

Do you have a daily cleaning schedule?  If so, I would love to hear what it is! I am always looking for new ideas that I can add to my routine.



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