Learning Something New

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week. We started the week over here with the stomach bug. One of the twins started with a fever and headache on Sunday that quickly turned into a puking. He was home 2 days and is back at school today. It hasn’t really snowballed to anyone else yet….. Crossing my fingers it won’t!

I am sure you have heard that if you want to start a new habit it takes 21 days of being consistent to make it a habit. Well, I decided to give myself a 7 day challenge, instead of 21 days. I started a new ‘habit’ this week. Before I get to that new ‘habit’ let me set the ‘story’ …

I have been helping a local business with their social media the last few months and am finding it is something I am really enjoying. It is a challenge learning all these social platforms and I love the challenge of learning something new #neverstoplearning  I graduated from Kent State with a business degree in Marketing and was in sales through out my career. Being out of the work force the last 11 years (I quit right before my daughter was born), marketing has changed quite a bit, shifting over towards social media. I want to learn as much as possible about social media marketing (learning this on my own) as I would like to get back into the work force as my kids are getting older and more sufficient.

Right now I am only concentrating on Facebook and Instagram and there is so much to learn.  In working with It Works Global the last 5 years, the direct sales/network marketing experience has certainly helped me learn a lot about social media.  What has also helped is re-booting my blog Busy Fit Mom Life and consistently blogging at least once a week this past last year. You would think social media is pretty simple because you just ‘put up a post with pictures’ right? Well not really.  I will be the first to tell you it is involved, especially with a brand/business versus a personal page.  You have to learn the analytics behind each platform, how to brand a business with the right social media tools and apps, learning Facebook ads, how to post the right information at the right time so people will see it, to figuring out what hashtags to use.

It is a lot but I am loving this new challenge and I am not afraid to figure it out, even it takes me a while.  At least I know I figured it out and that feeling of accomplishment feels pretty darn good 🤩 I feel I am getting better and more efficient each day.

Now for my new ‘habit’….   I want to get better at using the STORIES platform on both Facebook and Instagram, so I decided to be consistent this week doing live stories, posting and just concentrating on how STORIES works.  I am literally turning on the video and just talking, trying to figure out the filters, the stickers, and overall just how the platform works.

Monday I started with video talking about a ‘day in the life’ on Stories, which around here is never the same day twice.  I am thrown curveballs daily. A friend gave me several suggestions. She said to talk about what I have eaten in a day, to what my work out of the day was at CrossFit, to being efficient with my time, and how I get a lot done in a day so stay tuned on Stories!

Stories screenshot
Stories screenshot

By the time you read this, I will be on day 3 of this challenge and hopefully getting better. I am pretty comfortable in front of a camera/video once it turns on. I have learned that sometimes you just need to do it and not be scripted. Stories is not meant to be scripted – just be yourself. People want to see YOU even if you say ‘UM’ a million times LOL!   Since I am not scripted who knows what I might say next but I am going to keep learning something new.  And who knows… with my new found social media marketing self taught skills,  I may make this a freelancing gig by helping other companies with their social media and maybe make it a business.  If you know of any social media courses online that don’t break the bank, I would love some suggestions.

What have you been wanting to get better at?  Challenge yourself, set a goal, give it 7 days, and see what happens.

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