Keto Egg & Ham cups

Hey Hey Friends!

Happy Hump day! Hope your week is going great!

Living the Keto lifestyle I am always looking for easy recipes with few ingredients and not a lot of time or effort involved.  I ‘like’ to cook and do most of it for our family, but I want recipes to be super simple and on the table (or in my belly) in minutes.

Since I intermittent fast (I don’t eat breakfast) breakfast foods are my favorite.  But not eating breakfast  doesn’t mean I can’t eat ‘breakfast’ for lunch or dinner right?  Eggs are definitely a staple on the keto diet….  hard boiled, fried, scrambled with veggies, on a burger, etc.  the options are endless.  This 3 ingredient recipe is super simple and ready in 15-18 minutes.

to make 12 cups you will need:


Spray 12 muffin cups with cooking spray

Place 1 slice of ham in muffin cup

Crack 1 egg on each piece of ham

sprinkle with parsley

Cook in a 400 degree oven for 15-18 minutes until eggs are set.

Super easy!  I make a dozen and put them in the fridge.  My kids love them too and want me to add them to the rotation for school lunches this year! A win all around!

What are your easy go to Keto recipes? I’d love to hear!


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