Life Lately

Hey, Hey Friends!  Hope your doing well! It has been a crazy summer and I cannot believe it is already mid-July?  What the what??  School ended, swim team flew by and here we are half way through summer break. When swim team ends it is always bitter sweet.  I am happy for the break but also miss the kids and the routine.  Yes, it is a lot of work every day from early May until end of June, but we do it for all the kids and have for the last 5 years. It’s part of our summer routine keeping the kids busy, active and away from screens.  I know that our swim team parents are thrilled for swim team too.

With all that said, I have been a bit MIA from blogging in June. When I wasn’t managing swim team, I would spend the off time with my crew crossing off their ‘Kids’ Summer Bucket List.  We still have many more fun things to accomplish in the 4 weeks left of summer break but I am not going to get crazy if we don’t get to all of it.  My kids love their downtime and moving at a slower pace and so do I.  They also want to play their video games and hang out with their friends. So far we have accomplished a lot and made many memories.

Our happy place on the lake
A lot of backyard camping
Tubing on the lake
Campfires and trying SPAM for the first time
CrossFit kids all summer
Me and my girl at the Ariana Grande concert
Flipping tires at Battle on the Creek – A CrossFit competition
More tire flipping
Fun on the dock
Max loves hanging out with us and swimming in the lake
Fun at the Cumming Aquatic Center
Fernbank Science Center is always better with friends
Water slide at 4th of July party
4th of July party
Main Event at 4 pm for my crew is deal on Mondays!
Volunteering at BrewAble – a coffee house that employs young adults with developmental disabilities
Learning how to drive the golf cart this summer
And more backyard camping at the lake house

We finally decided we are not going anywhere this summer and I am completely fine with it.  In addition to checking off our bucket list, we have been at our  lake house  numerous times which always gives us a break from the week. I am completely grateful for our lake house and for the fun, relaxation, and memories it brings our family.

Paddle boarding
A fun visit from our dear preschool friends
Big R loves boating

So that’s what we  have been up to so far. Summer has been fun and I am going to completely enjoy the next 4 weeks with my kids before I have ‘2’ 4th graders, a 6th grader and an 8th grader with the complete and utter chaos that the school year brings.

As far as blogging…  I am still at it although it has been slow the last month. I have many more topics and topics to share with you from organizational tips to products that make our life healthier, easier, and so much more.

I love hearing from you! If there is anything you’d like to know, drop me a comment below and I will add it to my blog posting list.


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