‘Kids’ Summer Bucket List

Hey Hey Friends!

Happy Summer!!  I don’t know who was more excited for the last day of school?  My kids or me??  LOL! So Summer is here so now what?  If you read this 10 simple ways to get organized before summer break then possibly you are ready. If you didn’t there’s still time to get it together.  Today’s post is all about my kid’s summer bucket list. It involves eating, seeing Movies, using expired Groupon’s #notkidding swimming, swimming and more swimming.

Every May I ask my kids what they want to do on summer break in addition to a family vacation and weekends at the lake house. We do this for 3 reasons… 1. They get excited to pick out fun things they want to do and look forward to 2. It gives them something to do instead of playing video games all day 🙄 3. It helps us keep a schedule during the week. Here is the list:

Some are big and some are small.  It’s been 2 weeks and we have already started crossing some off the list.  They have already seen 2 movies – Aladdin and Godzilla. I cannot wait for Toy Story. It is my absolute favorite kid movie trilogy. My favorite is the 3rd when Andy went to college.  I literally balled at the end.  I was thrilled when they announced a 4th last year. I may just have to go opening day. I am that excited LOL!

Right now we are in the craziness of swim team for the rest of June with daily AM practices, some evenings and swim meets every Thursday night.

My kids are also doing CrossFit kids classes a few afternoons a week for June and July. Since I am home with them we don’t do camps as I am the camp otherwise know as Camp Rissland 🤩 I have to keep them moving otherwise they would play video games all day.

We will cross off the things that are ‘easier’ to accomplish this month and the others in July. We are not set on a family vacation this summer just yet. We may do a whole week at the lake house and save towards Universal studios this Fall since it’s a small fortune for our large family.

Do you have a kids summer bucket list? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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