Dear Reese

Hey Girl Heyyyy!!!!

Wow! Your 5th grade promotion ceremony … How can it be that you are already leaving elementary school?  It has been 6 years since you started Kindergarten.  I remember the day we went to Kindergarten sneak peak.  You  ‘my social butterfly’ were so excited to go to school.  That Kindergarten sneak peak was a teaser because you couldn’t wait to start in August.  That summer you asked me almost daily when you could go to school and if you would have to take a nap at school like you did in pre-K.   You thought that nap was a complete waste of time because you wanted to play and socialize with your friends just like you still do today.     I remember walking you to your Kindergarten class with all your school supplies and meeting your new teacher on that first day.   You could not wait!



Here we are 6 years later on your 5th grade promotion ceremony, heading into middle school.  Another new chapter in your life. We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished from girl scouts, learning hip hop, swimming, CrossFit, to learning drums, and being kind to everyone you meet.


Here’s to you my dear Reese Adele.  Reach for the stars!  If anything gets in your way just keep moving forward.   Always look for the positive, turn lemons into lemonade and remember ‘to always look for the silver lining’.  If anything ever goes wrong, and it will,  just  look for that silver lining that we have taught you and I promise you it will be there.

Congratulations to our beautiful smart girl!   Next stop…..   middle school!!

We love you!

Mom, Dad, Riley, Chance and Colin


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