CdLS Awareness Day

Happy Tuesday friends! How was your weekend and Mother’s day?  My weekend was awesome! We finally saw Avengers End Game. Great movie! Mother’s Day was great even though I did 4 loads of laundry 😂 but my kids and Karl cooked both brunch and dinner and it was fantastic! So grateful for my family.   And my gift? My new front patio! You may have seen my IG stories of the ‘mud pit’ we had fixed. I bought new furniture and flowers and it looks great. I’ll share pictures soon. It was a great Mother’s Day!

My most favorite part of the weekend was Saturday as it was National CdLS awareness day.  Our dear friends son Jesse, is fundraising and creating awareness of CdLS for his Bar Mitzvah project.  Jesse and Riley have a very special bond since the day they met many years ago.  Riley loves hanging out with ‘Essie’ as he fondly calls him.  As a matter of fact, Jesse was the only friend that Riley wanted to go to see a movie with on his birthday back in February.

Jesse took it upon himself to research and learn about CdLS so he can spread awareness.  He is selling packets of wildflower seeds for ‘Cornelia’s’ garden for his project.  Cornelia’s garden is a seasonal fundraiser that the foundation offers in the Spring as a way to create awareness.

Our friends at Johns Creek ACE hardware let us set up in front of the store so he could spread awareness and sell the seeds.  Our friends at Peach Coffee Roasters next door to ACE donated 10% of their sales that day back to the foundation. Thank you Steve for reaching out to Peach!   Many of our friends and the community came out to hear Jesse’s pitch, buy seeds, and donate.  We sold out of seeds in 3 hours!  I am forever grateful for the Rubin family and our community for their kindness and generosity!

You can still donate to Jesse’s CdLS awareness project here: Jesse’s Bar Mitzvah Project

On behalf of the CdLS Foundation and the families we serve, a big thank you to the Rubin Family, Johns Creek ACE Hardware, Peach Coffee Roasters and the community!   And Jesse… we are so proud of your hard work in spreading awareness of CdLS.  You went above and beyond and rocked this project!  We appreciate everyone’s generous donations toward   Jesse’s Bar Mitzvah Project. Our community is truly incredible and I am forever grateful!

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