Skin Cancer Scare part 2

Hey Friends!  Hope you had a good weekend! Another busy one over here with our front yard renovation that started on Saturday.  You may have seen my stories I shared on Instagram that the materials were dropped off last Friday.  I shared a before picture of the ‘mud pit’ we have been living with since January! With all the rain here in Georgia it literally has washed away our front yard.  Not only did we have an erosion issue but also a grass issue due to our trees.  The trees are awesome in that they provide shade in the front of our house (afternoon sun) but it also doesn’t allow the grass to grow.   I am surprised our HOA didn’t send us a letter LOL!  Anyways it is getting fixed!  In addition to that we had attended a musical Friday night,  soccer games on Saturday, a funeral, a dance rehearsal, and Reese’s hip hop dance recital!  Phew! Another busy one!  I will be so glad when school is out in 3 weeks!

I shared with you last month my pre-cancer skin scare in this post My Skin Cancer Scare.  I have now done the Picato treatment and I wanted to give you an update on the treatment. I did the treatment for 3 days starting on Thursday, April 11 – Saturday, April 13th.  I kept you updated on Facebook and Instagram Stories and I saved each day to my highlight reel on Instagram

This is what I have been diagnosed with which I also found out is very common.



Before I did this treatment I went to the ‘googles’ as we call it around here, and found many horrible experiences about Picato.  I usually take those with a grain of salt because we are all different and meds affect everyone differently.  I read that it was going to burn, be uncomfortable,  keep me up all night, itch like crazy, and leave a horrible mark on my face.  So I dove right in because, well,  I had to.  Picato was going to be the least invasive treatment to do and if it didn’t work then I would have to have it surgically removed.

So I dove in and applied it…


Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 5:

Day 7:

I started using Aquaphor from a suggestion from a friend and it healed it quickly.  First it peeled.


Day: 9

And then it turned red.  At that point I could at least ‘wash’ that area putting cool water on it and a sensitive face wash.

Day 11:

What a difference!  I can now put suncreen on it and a little make up to conceal the redness.


I go back to the doctor at the end of May. She will tell me if this treatment worked and if it didn’t what plan B will be.  She has already mentioned surgery but my fingers are crossed that I won’t have to have surgery.

I am always careful in the sun, really I am! I have been even more cautious the last few months. It is kind of hard to stay out of the sun when you have active kids and run a swim team that just started this week.  I will continue to wear the daily sunscreen on my face, wear a hat (I bought a wider brimmed hat) and continue wearing 50 SPF like I always do when at the pool or at the lake and stay in the shade as much as possible.

I will post another update after that appointment and let you know what the outcome is.  I hope by posting about my pre-skin cancer scare, it has helped someone else.  I would love to hear from you!  Comment below with any questions!







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2 thoughts on “Skin Cancer Scare part 2

  1. Thanks for documenting this. Helpful to know what to expect. Your skin looks terrific in the Day 11 photo!
    I’m on Day 2 and my reaction is much stronger than yours (blisters, swollen, very red) – but it’s worth it to potentially avoid surgery. I will definitely try the Aquaphor.


    1. Hi Jen! Sorry about your reaction. I know everyone is different. Yes, the Aquaphor is a game changer and cleared up all that redness quickly. I also took Zyrtec to take care of the itching and that helped a ton too. Yes, totally worth it to avoid surgery. I just had to do another spot and my derm had to take off that spot just last week. Crossing my fingers no surgery for that. Wishing you the best and no surgery!


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