Fitness & Health in your 50’s

Happy Tuesday Friends!  How was your weekend?  Ours was a whirlwind!  We hit the ground running Saturday morning and never stopped.  I needed Monday to take a break! I certainly live on chaos daily but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are a very active family and I’m thrilled I am able to keep up with my young kids.  I owe it to being physically active and my eating lifestyle.  Which brings me to todays blog post about how I stay active and healthy in my 50’s.  I hope to inspire and motivate you to find your WHY.

Fitness and Health is a top priority in my book so I am able to do all the things.  And I am sure it is for you too! I know it doesn’t come easy for everyone but if you find something that you love you will stick with it even when life throws you curveballs.  You will actually crave it.  Here are my top 5 elements of staying active, staying energized,  and maintaining my weight in my 50’s!


You need to find the right exercise that is right for YOU. It may take some time. I suggest trying different things.  I literally have done just about every exercise and fitness trend out there due to my background and certifications in group fitness.  Being FIT has always been a priority to be my best self for me and my family.  My family is my WHY.  You need to find what motivates YOU and what will keep YOU motivated and stick with it.


In my late 40s I found CrossFit and I am so glad I did.  CrossFit has literally changed my life. In all honestly, it has.   CrossFit has helped me to do all the daily ‘functional’  things I need to do like keeping up with my kids, taking care of the house, the yard, lifting things, moving things etc.  I honestly do not hurt anymore from doing daily functional tasks .  CrossFit is challenging every day and constantly varied which I love.


This is a big one.  You have all heard, ABS START IN THE KITCHEN, right?  Well it is so true!  What we put in our bodies is so important.  It took me 50 years to finally find what ‘foods’ are right for ME.  In my mid 40’s I couldn’t figure out why I am so active and eating pretty clean but still gaining weight?  It was menopause.  I was miserable with  weight gain out of nowhere, feeling sluggish, and no energy.   When I turned 50, I found the KETO lifestyle which also changed my life.  The weight came off and my energy is now through the roof! I have been living the KETO lifestyle for 18 months and am NEVER going back to the standard American diet again nor am I ever counting calories again! Eating this way is so ‘freeing’ and I have learned to eat intuitively.    Yes, there is a lot of FAT with KETO, however, it is not what you think.  I am not talking fried fatty foods. I am talking good fats like avocado, eggs, coconut oil, nuts, seeds etc.  We have been told that FAT will make you gain weight but it will actually make you lose weight if you eat the right amounts, cut sugar out, and dial back your carb intake.  I learned a lot about Keto from this website ruled me keto  and also listening to the Keto for Women podcast  I know eating FAT  is hard to accept  but when I researched it I was amazed.   I am not a nutritionist, but Keto is what is working for me.  Click here for more on my Keto Journey


Another game changer for me! I started IF over a year ago and I can contribute it to my weight loss, maintaining my weight and a flatter belly. What is Intermittent Fasting? It is when you don’t eat ‘FAST’ for 16 hours and then eat within an 8 hour window, known as 16:8. For me that is being done with dinner between 7:00 – 8:00 pm and not eating until 11 am – 12 pm the next day and keeping that eating between my 8 hour window. I work out in the early AM most days so I do black coffee (best pre-work out) and then after I workout I will do a cup of Keto coffee with coconut oil, grass fed butter and collagen in it which will keep me full until noon. For me, working out on an empty stomach is much better for me. If I eat before I workout I am sluggish. Do your research on Intermittent Fasting to see if it right for you.


I am a big believer in a few supplements, with my favorite being collagen. I had no idea, until I did my research about collagen! In my post Skin Cancer Scare I talked about my autoimmune issue. Since I started drinking keto coffee and now with the addition of this new drinkable collagen supplement, my joints are not inflamed, and my skin and digestion is so much better. The collagen product I use is Tropical Crush Collagen I also take a pro-biotic daily which is another proponent to a flatter belly and digestion by keeping you regular.  This is the one I use Probiotic




We all know how important water is. I drink water all day long. I keep a Yeti in my car and one at home so it is always within reach. I recently started drinking electrolytes daily for hydration. I used electrolytes early on in my Keto journey so I wouldn’t get the Keto flu.  Keto flu is totally a thing! A lot of people go through it due to stripping their diets of carbs and sugar early on in Keto, but if you do electrolytes during that time, most likely you won’t experience it. I use this electrolyte daily and it tastes delicious! It’s very refreshing after a workout.

I hope that this post has inspired, motivated, and encouraged you to find YOUR WHY to making fitness and health a top priority. I have really learned to love and embrace my body for what it is over the last 52 years. I have invested the time to be in my best shape no matter what size and accept my body for what it is, treat myself with kindness and not compare myself to others. Find your WHY and what motivates YOU!  I have total confidence that YOU can do it too!

What do you do to keep Fit and healthy?  But more importantly what is your WHY? I’d love for you to share!


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