Favorite Drugstore products

Hey Hey Friends! Hope your doing well! How’s your week going? Mine has been busy with crossing things off my to do list which is always a good feeling but it’s still a mile long! Today I want to share a few of my favorite drug store products with you. The ones that I reach for every day to make my ‘every day’ a no brainer.

NYX Brow pencil – I love this pencil! I’ve tried so many and this one hands down is my favorite! It glides on easily an there’s a color for everyone!

NYX Brow

OLAY Complete SPF sunscreen – Since my pre – cancer scare I honestly did not wear a daily sunscreen (besides beach and pool) because it always felt oily. I’ve tried several over the years and since I was told by the dermatologist I need to wear it DAILY I tried this from Olay.  I really like it! I put this on first and then apply my daily It Works moisturizer Preventage day cream over top.

Olay sunscreen

Jergens self tanner – Back in the day when tanning beds were a thing, I would buy a few sessions so I wouldn’t burn when in the sun. Well, we all know how bad they are and most spas still have them but most have spray tanning now. I do love self tanner but most leave streaks everywhere, even on your hands, and it’s not pretty. I’ve heard good reviews on this one and decided to try it last year. It gives amazing color even after 2 applications. As soon as you turn the water off in the shower you apply it so it glides on easily. Then pat yourself dry with a towel. I use white towels and have never ruined them using this product.


Maybeline mascara – I swear by this mascara. I started with the pink Maybelline when I was in high school and have pretty much stayed with this brand ever since. I’ve tried several over the years and I always seem to come back to this.

Maybelline Mascara

Baby lips – Love love love this lip product! My dear friends daughter told me about this. It’s moisturizers and gives me a little color when I want just a little color for the gym, pool, running errands, etc. It’s not sticky and stays on.

Baby lips

What are your favorite drug store products that help you every day?  I would love to hear!

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