Kids Chore charts

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Hey friends!

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you had a good Easter weekend! We spent ours at the lake. We needed to get the boat ready for the season and do a few other things since we won’t be back up for several weeks.

Recently on Facebook I asked you about kids allowances and chore charts and you all weighed in, BIG TIME!!  I loved all the comments and basically the outcome was this:



Karl and I have been going round and round about getting these kids to help around the house and where most of the time they do it, others it takes 3+ times to ask 😦  And I know I am not alone on this by any means because  I have asked many friends and for all of us #thestruggleisreal

Karl and I have been discussing what that chore system should be, if they should be paid for the chores, how much if we paid them, and what lessons they will learn.  The main idea is to have these chores posted by kid.  It is also on this weekly calendar with post it notes so they see it daily.  This calendar also tells them what is going on every day to work around our schedule to do those chores.

After many discussions and trying several ways, we finally agreed to this:

Weekly chores that switch out weekly on a monthly calendar so the kids can see exactly what appointments, family events, activities and chores they have.  I was going to create this calendar myself, but I found this on Amazon – Post it Note Calendar:


I decided to try it for a few weeks using it weekly and I didn’t like it because I had to write it out weekly and that took time every week.  So I thought why not write it out monthly and  just switch out the weekly chores?  BAM!!!   And that option has been working beautifully!

Here is what it looks like:

It is nothing fancy!  I am not fancy over here.  I just like systems that work and keep us organized and everyone on the same page. These are easy chores they can do to help out. I set up the chores and change them out every week and I just ‘move’ them around each week so each kid is not doing the same thing every week, except Riley.  He loves going to the mailbox when he gets off the bus  and the Legos???  That’s another story 😉

We do pay them $2 per week to do their daily chores.  If they miss a day we dock them 25 cents.  There are some weeks we don’t pay them because they didn’t do the work.   We also have a larger chore list #thatisneverending that needs to get done.  Those bigger jobs are raking leaves, cleaning the basement, helping with large jobs at the lake house. cleaning the boat, etc.

Post it note calendar

Why do we pay them?  Because we want them to learn about saving money and to see where their hard earned money goes. Our daughter is now able to baby and pet sit.  I helped her make a flyer that we posted on our neighborhood Facebook  page as well as a flyer we will put at the pool.  We did this as she has to pay half of her cell phone data. Yep! You read that right. She has to pay for her cell service/data. She has to keep at least 2 months of cell phone $ in her ‘jar’ to pay for it. If she misses a payment her phone gets taken away until she can pay it.  Yep, tough love over here but she understands we are not going to hand it to her.  A cell phone is a privilege.  Karl and I went back and forth on this for a LONG time – that’s a story for another blog post.

Our kids only get gifts for their birthdays and Christmas.    If the kids want something, and it’s usually video games these days,  they have to pay for it themselves with a caveat …  keep reading….

Each kid has their own bank account at our bank.  When they get money as a gift they have to put half of it in the bank and half of it in their ‘money jar’ at home to use as they would like.  But there is another goal to all this.  Example: I am not dishing out money for them to put toward a video game they want to purchase ‘online’.  I think it a total waste of money LOL!!!  but it’s important and fun to them.    If they want to spend $10 in  Roblox or Fortnite, they have to come up with another $10 to go in the bank, so they need $20!!!  No, they are not thrilled by this, however, they ask to do harder jobs that can bring in more money like raking those leaves, big cleaning jobs, yard work etc. They will even ask both Rosann and Unc at their houses at the lake as to how they can help them.  There is always a job up there! And we want to teach them to be helpful. We put the boys to work while we were at the lake to help us get the boat ready for the season. And the prize was the first boat ride of the season!

This is what motivates my kids and works for our family.  If you are struggling with chores and a schedule for your own kids, getting them to help around the house this is a suggestion you may want to try.  Here is a link to the Post it note calendar: Post It Note calendar I highly recommend it as it is working well for our family.

What do you use for your kids to help with chores and keep them accountable? I would love to hear!

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