Organize with cabinet pull-out baskets

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You know I love a good organization project and this is an easy and good one!   We have a lot of great space in the kitchen at the lake house.  Last month I was helping my MIL with organizing the bottom cabinets.  They are large and very deep and it is hard for her to bend down and pick up the items she needs.  She needed a more efficient use of these cabinets. I had the same issue in my kitchen and installed pull out baskets.  So we did the same at the lake to make it easier for her to retrieve those items in the bottom cabinets.

We started, like we always do, by taking everything out.



And purged…..  It wasn’t giving us JOY so it went to the donate pile LOL! #mariekondo

We found these pull-outs by ClosetMaid.  They have all sizes to pick from. We bought several of these.


And then I installed them one by one in each cabinet. 6 to be exact!


Pretty!  And super simple to install.  Says you need just a screwdriver but I had to use a power drill.  I marked a few holes, pre-drilled them, and screwed them right in! Super simple!


and then we put everything back the way Rosann uses things to make it easier for her to get them out.



She was super thrilled to have this completed to make her daily living a bit easier. Now all she has to do is pull out the cabinet to get what she needs and doesn’t have to bend over and reach through the cabinet.

ClosetMaid to the rescue on this project!  If you are looking for a cabinet pullout I highly recommend these by ClosetMaid!  They are easy to install and work perfectly!  Have a cabinet that could use an organizing pull out? Click here to purchase!  Cabinet pull out drawers

What organizing projects have made your life easier?  I would love to know!

Do you need help ‘organizing’ a space or sick of the clutter in your home? I can help!  I am offering 2 FREE hours of my time to help 2 lucky people! I will come to you (only local projects for now) assess the situation and give you suggestions. Just comment below with your name and follow my blog via email on the side bar.  I will put your name in the hopper and pull 2 names next week!  Good luck!!


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