10 simple ways to get organized before summer break

Do we really only have 6 weeks left before schools out for summer? This school year has flown by. My daughters last year of elementary school 😫 Crazy to think she will be in middle school next year! With all the things that come at the end of the school year, May is officially the new December with all the end of year parties. And these parties are not just for classrooms but also scouts, soccer, and then swim team starting early May.  And my added task? Me and another mom are in charge of making sure all of 5th grade farewell runs smoothly  #ihaveahardtimesayingNO

I don’t know about you but there are several things I like to accomplish and get ready before my kids are on summer break.  My summer days will be filled with kids and there won’t be time to get really anything accomplished.  I know many of you are in the same boat so I have created a list of 10 simple things to get done before schools out to keep you organized (and sane!) as you head into summer!

1. Get that pool bag ready!

Stock your pool bag with sunscreen, towels, googles, pool toys, bug spray etc.  A well stocked pool bag is always a necessity!  I stock up and keep a bin in my garage of all my pool necessities so when we run out I can easily throw it in the bag.

2. Clean out your purse!

Seems mundane but get rid of any junk that you’ve collected in there  over the last few months to lighten the load. I keep a smaller over the shoulder bag so I’m hands free with the kids. If you still have little ones clean out the diaper bag and only keep the daily essentials.

3. Clean out your pantry!

Get rid of all the expired food and stock up on their favorite snacks. Do your kids graze all day long like mine do? I bet they do!  Keep a good variety of snacks on hand that they love for home and on the go.

4. Summer Meal plan!

Honestly, this was the smartest thing I did last summer.  With running the neighborhood swim team and living at the pool every June morning and most evenings,   I needed to come up with an easy meal plan to make evenings more efficient.  Our kids also have swim stroke clinics every Monday and Tuesday so being prepared made it so much easier.  For my meal planning tips read this post menu planning for 6

5. Make a bucket list with your kids!

I have done this every year and my kids love it!  They each get to come up with 2-3 fun things they want to do during the summer.  I like to schedule 1-2 days a week for fun activities to get them out of the house.   Kids love to play video games  but they also like to do fun things. We plan at least 2 outings every week to do so they aren’t playing those video games all day long!  #fortnitewillbethedeathofme

6. Clean out the fridge!

Another easy task and just like cleaning out the pantry.  Get rid of expired items and have a plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I promise you will not regret it and will make your evenings so much easier!

7. De-Clutter!

Walk around the house with a donate bag and de-clutter!  Clothing, papers, accessories, etc.  If it doesn’t bring you joy… you know the rest #tydingup then get rid of it!

8. Plan your summer workouts now!

I am not kidding!  I hear it all the time….  My kids are home and I don’t have time to  exercise! What?! You most certainly can!  Plan them now!  I make exercise a priority especially in the summer when everyone is home.  If that means I get up at 5:30 am to get to a 6 am class then that is what I do.  I need to take care of ME before I can take care of my family and for me exercise is a priority.  Plus it keeps me sane all summer long!

9. Kids Summer chore list!

Don’t already have a chore list for your kids?  Summer is a great time to have them chip in and help!  We have a chore list that switches out weekly for our kiddos with a small allowance tied to it.  Another blog post I am working on! Stay tuned!

10.  Self Care!

What do you want to accomplish before summers here? Get a massage? Facial? Mani/Pedi? Whatever self care means to you by all means do it for YOU! It’s not all about the kids (well, maybe it is) but you need to take care of you so you can take care of your family.

I am sure there are a million other things that can be added.  What things would you add to this list? I would love to hear!  Share this post on Facebook to be entered into my drawing for a FREE skincare wrap of your choice!  Winner announced end of April!



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