Because something always happens when Karl travels….

4/4/2019 Welcome back for another repost due to our family being on Spring Break this week.  I cannot make this stuff up.  It really happens (happened) and I could seriously write a book from all the shenanigans back then.  Hell, I could write one now LOL!  I hope you enjoy another fun post from March 2015 


A #risslandadventure from March 2015

When you finally achieve a skill for tumbling you get to ring the bell and the whole gym stops what they are doing and you are literally on ‘stage’.  Reese was so excited she finally got her back walkover at cheer.   She did several to ‘show off’ but on the 8th one she ended up landing on her wrist as she was going back and…. My cell phone rings…

A year ago we had our first broken arm…  I will never forget the phone call from her cheer coach…. “Fran, I think its broken” What???  Literally I had just dropped her off at cheer practice, ran an errand and got the call.  I rushed right back to get her.  She was a mess and I felt so bad! 😦   Coach and I got her in the car and I headed down to CHOA.   Poor baby was in so much pain.  I called Karl and he calmed her down on our ride down.  Thank goodness it was not busy once we got to CHOA (it was around 5:15 pm) and we got right in.  We answered a boat load of questions.  One of the questions the nurse asked was “Do you feel safe at home?”  I thought she was directing it at me so I said “NO!  I have 4 kids!”  She thought that was hilarious 🙂 Now you are probably wondering… Who/Where has the boys?  Well, it happened to be a day/evening that Rosann was at our house because after cheer practice was over I was heading to our first swim team meeting of the season.  Ellen and I were taking it over so this meeting was pretty important as first timers.   Rosann was going to watch the boys because Karl was traveling.  Well, I couldn’t make the meeting (obviously) so Ellen attended by herself.

Once we arrived to the room the doctor sent her to x-ray and after a lot of poking and prodding it was confirmed she broke it around her wrist bone.  They sent me out to the waiting area while they put her under, maneuvered it back in place and casted it.  So here I am in the waiting room and I get a call from the neighbor across the street that Rosann needed help because Riley was throwing up and what should she do?   Really?? WTH am I supposed to do?  I am 30 minutes away with a child ‘under’ getting her arm manipulated back in place.  I am thinking, give him the barf bucket (yes, we have a barf bucket –barfing only!) So they call Ellen, remember Ellen is at the swim team meeting…. Ellen gets the call/text. Her hands are tied, she texts Allison to see if she could help.  She couldn’t, her husband travels and she has 3 small kiddo’s.  Allison calls Kelly.  Kelly has 5 kids and it’s during all of our witching (bitching) hours.  But really, all Riley needed was the barf bucket or a grocery bag and someone to sit by his side #icantmakethisstuffup

The Rissland Barf Bucket has made it’s 2010 debut

3 hours later, around 11 pm, we leave CHOA with a full arm, blue sparkly cast.  That is what she wanted – blue sparkles – and when you ask for something at CHOA they will make sure you get it.  I have whole other blog post about Chance and his 3 day stay at CHOA for pneumonia and Minecraft on the Xbox, Oh and that happened right at the end of our first swim season being ‘MomAgers’ for the swim team and 3 days before heading to the beach. CHOA is like Disney world… You can have literally anything you want:) #thankgodforchoa


Until next time… 

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