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I am a believer in all things health and feeling good about yourself. Your health should be your #1 priority because if you don’t have your health you can’t take care of all the things you need to do for your family and every day life.

Due to my fitness background I am constantly asked ‘what is the best way to jumpstart losing weight?’ My answer? You just need to ‘start’ somewhere and that’s going to look different for everyone because everyone is different. What might work for one may not work for another. I’ve always eaten pretty clean but honestly I have tried a variation of every ‘diet’ out there. With all my trial and error it took me 50 years to find out that the Keto lifestyle is best for ME.

Since I started my keto journey 16 months ago I am very aware of what foods I put into my body and how I am going to react.  It is still a work in progress even as I add some foods back in to see how I react from not eating that food for a long time.

Today I’m not talking about Keto but how you can jump start any weight loss program. If you want more information on how I ‘Keto’ leave a comment below and let’s chat.

How many of you have ever done a cleanse? I am going to bet not many because we all think of the juice cleanse for 7-10 days that you can’t eat on and p00p your brains out.

Doing a cleanse is a healthy thing to do.  We hold so much junk in our guts and it is the main place where most of our illness stems from.  I want to introduce you to a ‘gentle’ cleanse that is safe to do every month. You can eat on it, get your energy back, better clarity, bloat goes away, and you won’t be worshipping the porcelain god which makes this cleanse white pants approved!

This is one of my favorite products in the It Works Health & Wellness line that I rep and my clients love it! When I am working with a client and they want to lose weight,  I always start them with this 2 day cleanse. Starting with a clean gut is the best way to jumpstart weight loss.

Here’s what a few of my clients have to say about the Cleanse:

While your on the cleanse for 2 days you should eat clean meaning no fried food, no greasy fatty foods, no chips, no processed foods, desserts etc. and drink a lot of water. Each person is different so keep that in mind.  Weight loss can be anywhere from 0-10 lbs depending on how much sludge you need to move. Even if you don’t lose weight you’ll have increased energy, more clarity and your bloat will be gone so you can have a clean gut to jumpstart your health journey.

And a few before and afters from using this 2 day cleanse. Results vary.

This cleanse is hands down one of my favorite products in the line and my clients love it! Comment below if  you’d like more information or to try it.  I promise you will love how you feel!



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6 thoughts on “Weight loss jumpstart

  1. Hi Fran,
    I’m always getting off track and a two day cleanse to help get back into a healthy routine seems more than manageable, I’d love some more info on this.

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