CrossFit Open 19.5

Happy Friday!  Hope you had a fantastic week and got a lot of things accomplished and checked off your list!

Today is the last WOD of the CrossFit open games.  I am sad…  well not that sad…  it was another doozy and of course the CrossFit gods saved the WORST WOD for last.  Here is the WOD as written:


You want me to do what for 20 minutes?!  I do what I always do… stay positive, do #franweight and break it down to my ability.  For me that was doing it in increments I felt I could handle. For the 33 reps I did 10-10-13. for 27 I did 9-9-9 and so on.  Breaking it down and getting it done.

If you saw the video on Facebook we only recorded the 1st round of 33.  It was long and I did not finish in 20 minutes but did what I could do.


Karl on the other hand crushed it and DID finish all rounds at the last second! Proud of him for pushing it out. Those last reps are not fun but it’s  definitely those last few where you get stronger!


And my badass friends killed another WOD!  They all did such a great job!



I have said it before and I will say it again.  I am nobody special and will never claim to be.  I am just a 52 year old gal that is determined to meet her goals.  I am not perfect, I have flaws and I am certainly not good at everything.  At the end of the day I want to motivate YOU to do something, ANYTHING you think you cannot do because you CAN!  All you have to do is TRY!

CrossFit Open games 2019 is in the books! 2019 did not disappoint and FUN was had by all.

If you are local to me and want to learn more about CrossFit please reach out! You will absolutely love it and  I have the perfect place!  A big shout out to CrossFit Johns Creek for the awesome atmosphere, superior coaching, and community.  My fitness has come such a long way and I am forever grateful! #thisis52

Like these types of posts?  Fitness is my passion if you couldn’t tell.  I love to share and motivate to help others on their fitness journeys. Let me know and I will share more Fitness posts!

Have a fantastic weekend!





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