4 App Time Savers!

Hey Friends!  Happy Tuesday!  Hope your weekend was fun!  My boys had their spring camping trip to the Woodruff Scout Camp in Blairsville, GA.  We were all going to camp, however, it was going to be 33 degrees at night and Riley does not do cold temps well.  So we all went up on Saturday and spent the afternoon doing the activities but I left with the Rs at 6 pm and drove the 2 hours back home because I had no desire to achieve the Polar Bear badge 🙂

Ya’ll know I love to organize and be as efficient as possible during the week.  To keep me organized I use a few apps to keep me on task to get stuff done!  Here are several FREE apps that I use daily that keep me in check.

Grocery Shopping

img_7716-1The Kroger click list app has been a time and money saver for me!  I meal plan every week for my family as I blogged about in this post Meal Planning for 6 .  It makes our weeknights, that are hectic with after school activities, run so much better!  The app tracks what I buy every week so it’s easy to add those items to my cart.  You can use coupons right on the app and when you pull up to pick up your groceries, you can also use paper coupons.  Each week they have specials just for using the click list service.  We don’t change up our list too much, but if there is recipe we would like to try, I can easily look in my pantry and refrigerator to see if I already have it.  Plus, since I am not in the store there is no impulse buying which again saves me money!  I might go into the store  if we run out of milk,  fresh veggies and fruits but I have gotten so efficient I usually wait until the following week for the next order.  When I run out of something, I go right into the app and add it to the following weeks list.  And one more thing…  even if you are physically in Kroger and you can’t find something, open the app, search for it, and it will tell you what aisle it’s in!  I can’t tell you how many times I have done that!


img_7718-1I just started using MINT to track our finances. It is very user friendly for someone like me that isn’t very technical.   I used to use Quicken but just wasn’t a fan.  One of our goals this year was to really see where our money is going and really stick to a budget.   I wanted to get into the habit of using ‘something’ to track the day to day.  The bigger investments etc. we leave to our financial advisors. So far I really like the MINT app and love tagging where every expenditure goes to get a better picture.


img_7717Trello is an awesome organization app!  Since I rebooted this blog last Fall, it has been a little overwhelming.  When I started this blog 9 years ago all you did was write content and post it.  That was it!  But now with social media, Pinterest, SEO, ads, affiliate marketing etc..  there is so much more involved.   With the reboot and learning how all these platforms work, I had notes everywhere!  With Trello, I did a few tutorials to get started and dove right in.  It keeps everything organized under each ‘card’ you enter and you can make checklists for each card/topic.  If you have a team of people on a project you can add them  so they can see all the tasks associated with that project as well. But since I don’t have a team yet #itsagoal I use it solo and it does what I need it to do to keep the blog organized.


img_7719Spotify is my favorite music app.  I use it daily when I am at home working, cleaning, organizing, on the go etc.   When I was teaching group fitness I used the old Microsoft Groove App for all my playlists.  When Karl told me Groove was going away and I had to switch to a new music service I was a bit concerned.   I was worried all my playlists would not carry over and I may lose songs, playlists, etc.  But the transition to Spotify was seamless with an unexpected perk of being able to have no ‘breaks’ between songs which made the transitioning easy!  Spotify is FREE but we upgraded to a family plan with unlimited streaming because Riley and Reese both like to play music on their devices so it made sense.

What Apps do you use to help with your day to day?  I would love to hear from you!




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