CrossFit Open 19.4

Hey Friends!  Happy Friday!  I hope you had a fantastic week!  It’s that time of the week where I share all the shenanigans of the CrossFit Open!  19.4 proved to be another fun one with the snatch movement, burpees over the bar and pull ups. This is the WOD


You see that weight listed for the snatch?  There is no way I can snatch 65# so I did what I always do #franweight and I never blink and eye.  It is what I can do for that movement.  As I say, anyone can do CrossFit.  You just need to listen to your body and do what YOU can do.  I used a ‘trainer’ bar that is 15# and added 2 x 10# weights = #35 and that was enough.

Can I do bar muscle ups?  Hell no!!  Can I do a pull up?  Nope..  but I can do jumping pull ups and/or ring rows instead.   I chose jumping pull-ups.

And of course everyone’s favorite…  Burpees!!!  If you saw my video on Facebook, I am slow at burpees,  but once again doesn’t matter because I do #franpace #slowandsteadywinstherace

I went in the first heat and Karl was my judge and videographer.


First part of the WOD: 10 snatches and 12 bar facing burpees


After 3 rounds of the snatches and bar facing burpees you rest for 3 minutes and then do 10 jumping pull ups and 12 more bar facing burpees for the rest of the 12 minute time cap. I only got through 1 round of the pull ups and a few burpees.




My overall score


Karl did a fantastic job as well!


And my badass friends!

We get extra points on our teams for spirit!  Team F-Bombs representing St. Patrick’s Day!


That’s a 19.4 wrap!!  We worked out to each persons ability and had a blast!  And at the end of the day that is all that matters!  Looking forward to 19.5 and the end of the CrossFit open next Friday.


Want more information on CrossFit?  Leave a comment!

Have a fantastic weekend!



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