March Giveaway!

Hey friends!

Happy Monday!! Hope you had a great weekend!  Did you survive daylight savings time?! I’m was feeling a little out of sorts this AM but an hour of CrossFit helped a bunch. We did several things around the house – cleaning and purging – which always makes me feel good with a sense of accomplishment when stuff gets checked off my forever long list!

This month I am hosting another Giveaway!  ONE lucky reader  will win either a FREE Body or Facial Wrap of their choice! The winner will be announced on March 29th!

So let me tell you about these magic wraps!  The Ultimate BODY Applicator, known as the Crazy Wrap and the Facial wraps.  They are literally MAGIC!  What you need to know before you continue reading is wraps are not weight loss, they are skin care.  You still must exercise and eat a clean diet.

I have been a distributor with It Works for 5 years.  I started as a customer and fell in love with the products so I decided to be a distributor and help others by sharing the products I love that have helped me over the years with weight loss, better skin and nutrition.  The Ultimate Body applicator is their flagship product that started the company almost 20 years ago when they started  manufacturing it in the US.  The product was available in France but expensive to make so it was brought the US and made affordable for everyone to use.  It literally does what it says it does – It tightens, tones, and firms skin from the neck down in 45 minutes!  I know sounds too good to be true?  Well, it does and I am here to show you my personal results:


Yep, that is me after only ONE wrap!  And as you can see, not drastic.  Slight changes after each wrap in a full treatment of 4.   They come in packages/treatment of 4 for both the body and facial wraps. Best results are from using all 4 wraps.

You can literally wrap anywhere!


I get many questions so let me answer those:

Q: How long do the results last?

A: Yes it does, but you have to do ‘work’ which means, you should exercise and eat a clean diet. Most of you know I encourage and motivate people to exercise and eat clean. That will NEVER go away or be replaced.   Wraps are tools in your toolbox just like getting your hair or nails done.  Wraps enhance all your hard work! Results can last up to 6 months (individual results vary).

Q: Can I sleep in it?

A: Yes, you can!  But I suggest only doing 45 minutes the first time to see how you do.  The ingredients are all natural and botanical.

Q: Are they expensive?

A: No!  Totally budget friendly and affordable for all.  The whole line I rep is affordable. If it wasn’t,  I wouldn’t share the products.

Keep in mind that everyone is different and will get different results.  The results are NOT drastic and after the wrap is taken off the cream is still working over time.  Water is key! The more water you drink, the better it works.   Wraps are not to be used while working out as you might think of being wrapped and running on a treadmill. This is NOT that type of wrap as they are not water loss.   You must be clean with no plans to work out after it is used.  I usually wrap at night.

Here are more before and after results using the wrap.

Body results

Facial wrap results

They can be cut and used in various places so you get more bang for your buck.


How to enter the Giveaway!!!!!!  ONE lucky reader will have their choice between either a facial or body wrap!  Enter to win by liking this post and subscribing to the blog. Winners will be picked on Friday!

For more information on my health and wellness products click here:  Get Healthy with Fran

Good luck!



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