How to plan for a productive week

How many times have you woken up on a Monday morning and have accomplished NOTHING on the weekend to get you through the week?   Laundry is piled up, grocery shopping is not done let alone meal planning or prep, the kids needed something for school but it didn’t get done and the worst – at least for me – you ran out of coffee!  Ugh! Not having coffee is not fun thing especially on a Monday morning.

As you have probably figured out by now, I am a believer in all things organized.  I love to set myself up for success on a daily basis so I can be more productive throughout my day as I chatted about here 5 things you should do everyday!

But what about the rest of the week? If you work full time outside of the home, your schedule make look a bit different than someone like me that works at home.  Not only do I try to set myself up for success on a daily basis, but I also try to plan for the week ahead every Sunday.   Here are 5 things that everyone can do to plan for a successful week.

Brain dump 

Write everything down of what you want to accomplish for the week! I bet you have several things you want to accomplish but not sure where to start.   This can be anything from organizing a closet to finishing a project for work, school, meal prep, to running errands. Write it all down including any goals you may want to accomplish.




Take that brain dump and figure out what needs to get done and schedule it in blocks of time if needed.  Even if you schedule it for 30 minutes you will feel so good about getting it done. But don’t overschedule!  Set yourself up for success for the tasks you know you can get done each day.

Meal plan 

I cannot tell you how important it is to have a meal plan.  I plan out all our meals. Not only does it make our evenings efficient, but it also helps with eating ‘clean’.  You can check out this post of how I plan for a family of 6 and how Kroger Click list saves me a lot of time and money Meal Planning for 6 #dontforgetthecoffee



I do laundry everyday. With a family of 6 it piles up so by doing 1 load every day it helps to keep us organized.  Do what works best for your family, but whatever it is, be ready come Monday morning when you are looking for something.


I use a paper calendar so I can see the whole month at a glance but some may use a calendar app.   Every Sunday go through your monthly calendar.  Remember that brain dump I mentioned above?  Write down what appointments, weekly goals, weekly tasks,  and all the things that are coming up for the week ahead.  In my world those things are:  kids activities, volunteering at school, working my business, scheduling for social media, learning something new for my business, doctor appointments, Riley’s therapies etc.  I even schedule in my workouts because it’s that important to me.


Recently I have added time slots (5 am – 8 pm) to my daily calendar so I can see what needs to be done during the day.  Scheduling it all helps me stay on task during the day so I have time for other things.

Final Note

One last thing that helps is to re-evaluate on Friday before the weekend even begins.  Figure out what didn’t get done and move it to the following week.  By doing so you will save time when planning on the next Sunday. Here’s a checklist that may help you.

I hope this helps and inspires you to be more productive during the week.  Let me know if these ideas help you! I would love to hear your suggestions!

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