CrossFit Open 19.2

Here we are at week 2 of the CrossFit open games.  19.2 was announced last night at 8 pm and I pondered on how I would scale this to my ability.  The WOD is as follows:

RX version
Scaled version

Looks nasty, right?  Well there is no way I can lift most of that weight and not even in Masters Scaled division.  So I did what I call #franweight

I did the WOD as written except hen it came to the weights on the squat cleans I did:

1st round #35 bar – 15 squat cleans

2nd round #55 lb. – 11 cleans – no squat

3rd round #65 lb. – only did 3 cleans – no squat

It took me about 18 minutes.

It was not easy but I pushed to MY ability and what I could do and so did all these ladies and gents!  CrossFit is for everybody! You just have to SCALE to YOUR ability!  I was just thankful I could do this!






So there you have it!  19.2 is done!  Who knows what the CrossFit gods will make us do for week 3!

NEVER EVER give up what you want to accomplish!  This girl isn’t and neither are her friends.


Have a fantastic weekend!



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