A Shower Proposal

The other day at CrossFit someone asked me and Karl how he proposed to me.  I giggled because I remember exactly how it happened and what lead to a 22 year marriage and 27 years together.  Here is what we told her …  In the shower!  Let me set the story….

I went to Kent State university from 1985-1990.  Kent was 40 min from my childhood home on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio.  I loved Kent and have so many fond memories from living in the dorms to living off campus, to buying my very first home at the age of 25 and meeting Karl.

It was 1988.  I worked at the Campus Bus Service which was the bus transportation for the university as well as the city of Kent. I loved that job! To this day, I still stay in touch with many of the friends at that job.   I worked in the marketing department running all the advertising and marketing programs for the bus service.  Karl was what we called a ‘Bus Geek’.   Little did I know that I would actually marry a bus driver from the operations department?  I would tell you no, not happening.  There was an organization within the bus service called Campus Bus Club and most everyone that worked there was in the club.  It honestly was so much fun!

During the summer of 1989 when most kids went home, I stayed in Kent to take summer classes and continued working at the bus service.  There was a small group that would religiously go out a few times a week to our favorite downtown spots like the Loft and Rays.  Karl and I were always in this crowd of people going out.  As the summer went on, the crowd starting dying down, but not Karl and Fran… we get going out, until it ended up just being the 2 of us.  We became instant friends and just kept going out.  Our Bus friends would say (and still do to this day – STEVE!!)  that Karl and I were just ‘Friends’ and we would laugh because we said that for a very, very long time.  That going out went on for a long time, which then led to a relationship. I met his family and he met mine.

I graduated with a business and marketing degree from Kent in May of 1990.  I never moved back home after graduation.  I found a job right after college, stayed in Kent and bought a house at 25 years old.  Karl graduated in 1994 and found a job pretty quickly.

It was a Saturday afternoon on November 19th.  I was  in the shower.  We had just got done raking leavings in the yard.  I heard the door open and the next thing I knew Karl jumped in with me.  Annoyed by this, I asked him what the hell he was doing and then he popped the question:  Will you marry me?  I was shocked and didn’t know what to say and started crying.  I know you are thinking, where was the ring when he gave it to you? Because that is the question everyone asks but it was ‘PG’ friends, as it was on his pinky finger.

St. Augustine Beach Spring Break 1991

It was a very memorable proposal and a day I will never forget.

Whose had a crazy marriage proposal?  Please tell me I am not the only one!




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