CrossFit Open 2019

Happy Friday Friends! I have an extra post this week and will for the next 5 weeks chatting about the CrossFit Open! What is the CrossFit open?  It is a fun competition to build our CrossFit community. The focus is on inclusion and celebration instead of competition. This is my 3rd year of the OPEN and I absolutely love it!  We are put on teams and you can do either the performance, scaled, novice or masters workouts.

Every Thursday night at 8 pm the workouts are announced LIVE on the official CrossFit games website here: CrossFit Games  Our box has a handful of CrossFitters that do the workout at the time i’ts  announced.  The next day and throughout the weekend, the competitors do the workout to their ability but it must be completed by Monday.  The teams earn points as follows:  completing the workout, posting pictures and creating commaradie (which is easy at our box – we have a blast!) on Facebook and Instagram with these hashtags:  #crossfitjohnscreek and #anyonecandoit !! 

That last hashtag is my favorite one because honestly, ANYONE CAN DO IT! I started CrossFit 5 years ago and I can tell you first hand ANYONE CAN DO IT including me!  CrossFit has completely changed my life and my body with not only losing almost 20 lbs, losing fat, and gaining muscle mass, but also feeling great and gaining friends I can call family.  This competition/open goes on for 5 weeks.  It is a ton of fun and the only prize at the end is the accomplishment of finishing and of course the teams bragging rights.

Today’s WOD 19.1 is an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:

19 wall balls AND 19 calorie row with a 15 minute time cap

I am not going to lie – this WOD sucked!  I actually went LIVE on my Facebook wall, thanks to Courtney, to show you that it is possible to do this, even at my age! #anyonecandothis

With determination and drive, anything is possible if you simply don’t give up.  This gal is NOT giving up and neither are her friends, anytime soon 🙂


Have a fantastic weekend!




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