Project Bathroom drawers!

Hey, Hey, Hey!  How’s your week going?  We had another short week here!  I don’t think our kids have had a full week of school since before MLK day but now we are on to a big stretch before Spring break.

I have a quick and easy project for you!  Project bathroom drawers! You may have seen my stories last week when I started this project and it honestly took me maybe an hour.   Just like a typical junk drawer in your kitchen, bathroom drawers tend to be a dumping ground for junk as well, but in a bathroom.

First thing is I took everything out and cleaned out the drawers.

And then started the purge.  I aleady use ‘small’ containers to contain small items so they are not all over the place, and then organize them by make up, teeth, skin care, first aid, etc. I tossed anything I haven’t used in a while or expired. I didn’t get a picture,  but the trash bag was impressive LOL!

Then I put it all back and ended up with this!


Nothing fancy, but re-organized, cleaned up and done!

What easy organization projects have you done lately? I can now cross this off the list!



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