My Favorite Podcasts

Hey friends!  Hope you are well and your weekend was fabulous!  Our kids had off Friday and Monday for Presidents day weekend.  It was jam packed with birthday parties, a handstand push up seminar (for me), a night out at Johnny’s (one of my favorite places) with friends and a family birthday party to celebrate February birthdays!

I LOVE podcasts.  I am not a gal that reads books.  I love ‘listening’ to books but I really love listening to podcasts.  Since I am a lifestyle blogger I tend to listen to podcasts that fall into my various lifestyle passions such as Organizing, Keto, Fitness, Blogging, and DIY/Decor.  These are a few I listen to for personal development and knowledge on the things I am passionate about and wanted to share with you!

For Keto


My love of podcasts started last year when I jumped on the Keto lifestyle!  I have never looked back and don’t think I can EVER go back to the standard American diet.  I feel so much better and want everyone to feel this way.  Yes, I do cheat but honestly it’s few and far between now due to not wanting to feel sluggish, bloated and just overall blah!  More info on my journey here: My Keto Journey  I have learned so much from the Keto for Women show podcast.  Shawn knows her stuff and I have incorporated many of her suggestions and share them in my private Keto Facebook group. If you are interested in joining that group go here Keto newbies and answer the 3 questions to be approved.  We share recipes, tips, and motivation. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or nutritionist.  This is my own personal journey and I incorporate things I have learned to help to others wanting to give Keto a try the right way.

For Blogging


With the re-boot of this blog, I am trying to learn something new every day from creating and understanding my website on WordPress to SEO (Search Engine optimization) and beyond. There is so much to absorb and I am eager to learn! I have recently started listening to this podcast. It is not only helpful but also inspirational and motivating.



Who doesn’t love these two?  Seriously the best!  I have been following John and Sherry for a long time even before their podcast.  When I started renovating and re-decorating around here I would go to their blog for inspiration. When they went silent for a while,  I still kept up with them.  I love DIY and Décor and love their take on it.  I have gotten so many ideas for my home from their blog and podcast.

Motivation and Inspiration


Rachel Hollis RULES!  In all honesty, I re-booted this blog after ‘listening’ to her book “Girl Wash your Face” on audible.  Seriously she is so good at motivating!  I highly recommend her THRIVE podcast for daily inspiration!  The movie from her book “Girl Wash your Face” was in theatres but now it is available via live stream for everyone!  I can’t wait to host a watch party at my house to watch it!  So much good stuff!

Network Marketing/Business


Ya’ll know my love of It Works for the last 5 years. I share all things health and wellness through my journey in the use of these products.  Denise Walsh is one of the original wrap girls and at the highest level in the company #blackdiamond  She is an amazing motivator and teacher. I have learned so much in the business listening to her.  Even if you are not in It Works,  this applies to all network marketing, entrepreneurs and any type of business.

Now you might be wondering when on earth do I listen to all these?  It’s easy!


Do you listen to Podcasts? If so which ones? If you don’t, I highly recommend them to learn something new and for self development.

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