5 things to stay organized with kids

I’m still Konmari-ing over here!   I took at little break last week due to birthdays, prom and other family activities.  Sometimes things have to go by the wayside but it’s important to jump back on.  This applies to really everything in life whether it be a project you are working on, exercise, eating correctly, organizing etc.

I grew up in a tidy house.  My grandmother (mom’s mom) was very organized and a very clean lady! We joke about it now but she used to wipe down and spray door knobs with Lysol… Not kidding!  But now that I have kids she was really on to something because they spread germs like crazy! I thought it would be fun to share my 5 things I do to stay organized and keep the chaos to a minimum around here.

Get rid of stuff!  We all have too much stuff.  We really do.  Extra stuff laying around not only stresses you out but doesn’t help you keep order at all.  All year long there are things that end up coming into our house from birthdays to holidays  and they just start accumulating.   Instead of looking for a place to keep it, and if you really don’t need it,  get rid of it! Same goes with kids clothes and toys.  I am constantly purging kids clothes as they outgrow them so quickly.  I also try to not have too many clothes for them. They like to wear the same things all the time so why have clothing they never wear? I like to donate/sell to Kid to Kid.  I sell to them, build up store credit, and then buy what they need.

The Mail and Kids backpack papers!  Everyday the mail comes in I literally stand in front of the recycling bin in the garage and toss out what is junk and only keep what is important.  Things that need to be tended to quickly I put in my planner.  Others get filed away in a folder system in our office.

Another issue that can lead to dis-organization quickly…. Kids backpack papers…. My kids come home with papers daily in their binders.  We go through them and recycle what isn’t needed anymore.  Same goes for their Thursday papers that have all the flyers for events at school or in the community.  Same task applies here:  I stand in front of the recycling bin and get rid of it.  Imagine all those flyers x 4 kids.  It adds up and gets out of control.

Have a place for everything!  Honestly, this is probably the best advice. Have you ever wasted so much time because you can’t find anything?  I pretty much have a place for everything so when I need it, I can find it quickly and move on with what I need to do. But…. sometimes I have found I am too organized and can’t find something.  Has that happened to you? Moral of the story… have a place for everything, and remember where you put it.

Clean up daily!  I know this is a hard one with kids.  My house easily turns into mayhem as soon as they roll into the house from the bus.  They throw their backpacks and binders everywhere.  This year the kids know to unload their backpacks, clean out their lunch box, put the dirty containers in the dishwaser and get it ready for the next school day. This helps to keep the rest of the afternoon and evening organized for after school activities, dinner, showers and bedtime so we stay on task.

Keep a schedule!  I cannot live without my PAPER planner.  Yep, I use a paper planner.  I know some of you might be cringing but let me explain.  I did try digital on my phone calendar for a year, but it drove me crazy not being able to ‘see’ the whole week or month at a glance.  I need to see the entire week and month when I am scheduling things.  The phone does not do that.  I know you can see a whole month if using  your computer, however, I am not always on my computer.  I prefer a calendar that has space to write for the day and to see the whole week.  Every Sunday I go through my calendar for the week and write down appts, calls, errands, etc. along with all the kid activities so I know what is coming up and what needs to be done that week.  I strongly believe if you write it down it’ll get done which will keep you organized.

I hope this has given you a few tips on getting organized and getting rid of clutter.  What do you to do keep organized?  I would love to hear!  Subscribe to the blog so you never miss a post! I will never spam you.



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