Tim Tebow, Riley, and the Tux

Oh my word! Seriously! Does it get any better than this?

I cried tears of joy and was so proud walking down that red carpet Friday night.  Riley looked so handsome!  It was my most favorite part of the night.

Prom was so amazing on every level … for Riley, his friends and all the parents!  Not only was this a dance for our amazing kiddos but a special night for parents and caregivers.


After the red carpet walk we checked our kiddos in to get a badge and then over to get a buddy for the night.  Riley was paired up with this sweet gal.


They had 2 separate areas.  The parents enjoyed dinner in the gym and the kids in the cafeteria for the prom.  Even though we were very close, they set up a screen and had a live stream for us to see our kiddo’s at the prom.   For the kids there was food, limo rides, a sensory room, art room, face painting room, boutonniere’s, flowers and a photo booth.  For the parents there was a sit down dinner, dessert, entertainment and chair massages.  We were seriously spoiled.  Such an enjoyable night!


Thanks to Tim Tebow and the Night to Shine team for such a fabulous night for our kiddos!  This is one happy and emotional mama 🙂




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