Project China/Liquor Cabinet!

Hey there friend!  How is your week going?  We had a busy weekend with Bingo night at the elementary school, Pinewood Derby for the our little boy scouts, a babysitter bootcamp for our Diva so she can start her babysitting business, friends for dinner and drinks and finished with a group of families seeing the Screenagers movie.  More deets on that soon.

You all have been seeing me #tidyingup.  If you are new around here I am a purger as I do not like clutter and hanging on to things that don’t have a purpose.  I do love to organize and keep my home organized.  Here are a few posts to bring you up to speed if you are just joining me:

organize in 15 min



Today’s blog post is all about the china/liquor cabinet.  Now you are probably wondering, why is your liquor cabinet in the china cabinet?  But my question is ‘Why not?’  This china cabinet has been in our family for over 50 years.  It belonged to my great grandmother.  I also have the writing desk that sits across from it in the dining room.  I cannot part with it so I have re-purposed it.  I did have all my wedding china in it but I never used it.  If I would have known then what I ‘use’ now I would have never registered for wedding china 22 years ago.  Seriously, I wouldn’t because at almost $100 a setting, we never have used it!  Yes, I still have it, and may think about selling it as there are people out there looking to ‘complete’ sets they have or replace broken ones.  But for now it sits below the main china cabinet in the cabinets.

I had all our liquor in a cabinet in the kitchen but I wanted more space in the kitchen for kitchen stuff. Since I don’t use the ‘china’ in the china cabinet and its just taking up space, why not use it as a liquor cabinet/bar?  So that is what I did about 4 years ago and it has worked very well for us.  Even though I would purge what was in there over the years, she needed a good clean out and makeover.  With every project, I took everything out, cleaned it from top to bottom, tossed out whatever was not good and donated glasses and ‘stuff’ I wasn’t using.

img_5982img_6014img_6016  Then I asked you all which paper I should use on Facebook and Instagram stories via a poll and by a landslide you all picked the white with gold dots.  The blue and white was just a rubber backed contact paper and the white and gold is a peel and stick wallpaper.   I did not adhere it to the shelves, just placed it in.



I then put back all the things we use!


Before and After

So much better!

And once again, I followed my simple steps for getting it done!


It is not rocket science! You just need a little inspiration and some time.  Come back on Thursday for Project Craft Table!

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See you Thursday!



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