Project Laundry!

Hey! Hey! Hey! How’s the week going?  I have been pretty productive over here.  You may have noticed some changes on the blog.  I am learning how to get better at WordPress.  Thank goodness they have LIVE chat.  The person earlier this week has been so helpful to someone that is technically challenged… ME!!!   I admit it and I admitted it on Instagram stories the other day.  I am not afraid to learn new things and have taken this challenge ‘full on’ so stay tuned for more updates.

As you know I have been in major purge mode here since early January.  I love to purge and organize but watching the show Tidying up with Marie Kondo has really motivated me.  My next big project was our laundry closet.  This closet is by our kitchen across from the 1/2 bath.  It gets a workout daily because I do laundry daily!  If I don’t it will pile up and I don’t like when it piles up.  I know families have 1-2 laundry days a week but I cannot do that with 4 kids.  It would make me anxious and having a pile to deal with would make me shake LOL!!  #justkidding #wellmaybenot 

Several years ago, the washer and dryer sat side by side.  As a matter of fact I used it as a changing table for all the kids when they were babies.  It was super convenient to keep diapers and wipes in here with a changing pad. After all the kids were potty trained, my MIL helped me take this closet apart and re-organize it.  I did a Pinterest search to see different ideas and plans for a small laundry closet.  First,  I purchased the kit that makes the dryer stack. The washer and dryer look small but they aren’t, and stack perfectly!  I then purchased a Rubbermaid system from Home Depot and got to work!  After a paint job and installing the wire system it looked like this:


And this system worked great for many years. I love when you put a system in place the first time and it works and you don’t have to ‘re-do’ it and spend more $.  It does  work well, however,  it also acts as our kitchen appliance storage for some of the things we don’t use daily.  Which is fine, but I kept adding stuff to that closet over time.

Since New Years, our dryer has not been working well.  It was making such a loud noise I thought it was going to blow up – but it still dryed our clothes.  After a call to our appliance guys it was determined it could be fixed, but fixing it was going to cost $$ and only have a  1 year warrantly on the motor only.  The other option was to get a dryer they had in their warehouse that was about the same (not the same door which didn’t bother me) and buy that for much less and have a 1 year warranty on the entire dryer.  We went with that option.  You will see where the dryer has a different door as you read on.

So I pulled everything out and took out some of the hanging systems:


And was left with this:


I started cleaning the wire shelfing, walls, floor and patched the holes.


The appliance guys showed up and took off the ‘bad’ dryer and I got to work cleaning again.


After it was all cleaned out I started putting everything back, which is always the fun part! We then had a clean and better organized laundry closet! My patched holes were still drying and not done in this picture. I am thinking of putting a ‘sign’ there to put a little fun and color in there.


I donated a bunch of stuff and appliances we haven’t used in a long time and it felt so good! #goodwilllovesme

And for the final before and after!


And a closer before and after!


Does the dryer door not matching the washer bother me? Not really.  This door is closed most of the time and saving money was the goal.  Once again, I followed my simple steps for cleaning out and organizing a space.


Next week on the blog is ‘Project China/liquor cabinet and why we turned it into a liquor cabinet, because why not? #theresalwaysastory   What organization projects are you working on? I’d love to hear from you!

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