“Mom can I have ___ by Friday?”

Happy Thursday friends!  Hope your week is going well.   For those of us with kids…  Has this ever happened to you at 7 pm the night before something is needed?

“Mom – I need 2 dozen cupcakes for the school bake sale tomorrow” ( kids knew about this 3 weeks ago)

“Mom – I have a book report due tomorrow.  Can you help me?” (they had 3 weeks to do it)

“Mom – I need blue pants tomorrow morning for the chorus performance at school!” (doesn’t have blue pants)

Yep, we have all been there.  We get upset about these crazy requests the night before they are needed because they have known about them for a while but yet, they didn’t say anything🤦🏻‍♀️ Being parents, we tell them they need to be more responsible and tell us these ‘things’ but we end up helping in some capacity in the end.  So last week when Reese told me she wanted a Harry Potter themed party for her birthday party 2 days before, I was like, “Are you kidding me?” So being who I am (LOL) I told her I would see what I can pull together but she would have to help me.

A quick search on Pinterest and I found several easy and cheap Harry Potter ideas that either the Dollar Tree and Kroger would definitely have available.  She was having 18 5th graders at our house that Friday night so I got to work (not that I had anything else going on 🙄)

Here is how it came together in less than 48 hours….

I found several FREE Harry Potter ‘printables’ on a quick google search for décor and  the colors which are blue, green, red and yellow.  I made the platform brick wall out of red poster board and added the printables to it.  The party was in our basement – the place no kid ever wants to leave in our house #videogamecentral


More FREE Printables I found online


Most décor came from the Dollar Tree.  I found these battery operated luminaries for $1. I wish I had bought more as the glow on the stairs was awesome!


I made a photo booth with a black tablecloth, printables, and I made the prison sign out of foam core for a $1! Don’t you love their mug shots?  LOL!


Food consisted of snacks from the Dollar Tree – cheese balls, pretzels, and chips, Pizza delivery, caffeine free flavored Fanta and cupcakes.


See what I did here?  I made the famous Harry Potter ‘lightening bolt scar’ using black gel icing and scattered them on the table instead of using a plate or cupcake stand.


I also did the same with the red cups using a sharpie and drew the Harry Potter ‘lightening bolt scar’ on the cups.

And for fun I threw together a Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt.  This was not my idea. I found this on Pinterest scavenger hunt and organized the hunt around our neighborhood. I texted a few neighbors asking them if I could put items next to their mailboxes that evening. I drew a picture of the items:  glow stick necklaces, bracelets, a crown, plastic ‘wine’ glass, a journal for the diary, and a plastic snake which I found at the dollar store. I thought for sure these kids would be gone at least 30 minutes, due to the running, walking and hopping,  but they were back in 10 minutes 😂!

It was a very LOUD evening at my house but fun was had by all these awesome kids! Thanks for celebrating!

What are some of your latest ‘last minute’ request challenges from one of your little people? I would love to hear from you!

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