Organize in 15 minutes a day!

Happy Tuesday Friends!  Can’t believe holiday break is over and we are on to the kids 2nd semester of school.  We have about another week until all after school activities start back up and I am totally fine with that.  It is nice to ease back into our schedule.

Today I am chatting easy organizing that anyone can do in literally 15 min or less. I get asked often how I keep my house organized with our large family.  January is always a great time to organize and get rid of un-necessary ‘stuff’.  And what I mean by that is going through areas in your home and making your home lighter! If you didn’t know, organizing is therapy to me! I am also fairly anal when it comes to my home and keeping it organized.  Yes, I know I have 4 kids and it gets chaotic but I believe when you have systems in place, it makes it easier to find stuff and be more efficient.

I love cleaning out spaces and purging and January is always a great time to do this.   I actually started while I was taking Christmas décor down.  Whatever I don’t want to keep for next year I donate.  I had several things that I  haven’t used so why pack them away and store them when someone else may be able to use them, right?

While I am organizing spaces sometimes I can’t stop and one organizing task leads to the next.  I know it can be hard to get started due to time, energy, $$, etc.   but I promise you it is a great feeling of accomplishment when it’s done!    I have a few tips that just might help you start getting organized this month.

Start Small – pick 1-2 things that take only 15 minutes.

Here are a few easy ones:

Kitchen utensil/gadget drawer –  Things in there get dirty and dis-organized.  Take it all out, clean it, and put back ONLY what you know you will use and donate the rest.

Dishes, coffee cups and glasses cabinet –  Do you have mis-matched plates you have been wanting to get rid of?  Take it all out, clean it, and put back ONLY what you know you will use and donate the rest.

Junk drawer – This is the worst in our home. We have 2 of them side by side.  I laugh every time I clean this drawer out because the things I find are hysterical, like the most random things.    I did the same thing here:  Take everything out, clean it, and put back ONLY what you know you will use and donate the rest.

Water Bottles cabinet – How many plastic water bottles does one need?  Personally, Karl and I have 2 each.  I keep mine filled at all times so I am never without water.  My kids each have 2.  Once again, take it out, clean it, and put back ONLY what you know you will use and donate the rest.

Do you see a pattern here? Here is a visual…


I literally do these steps for every space in my home.  How often do I do this?  It depends on how dirty those area get or if the drawer/s are over flowing, so usually 2x/year.

Some other  areas you can apply these steps:


And so many more areas depending on your home.  Just think if you did 1 area a day you’d have your whole house done fairly quickly.   I promise you it is not hard and the sense of accomplishment is awesome!

My next big project is our pantry and my china/bar cabinet.  The pantry gets out of control and I have a few systems, but I want to change it up a bit.   Stay tuned for those projects soon!

I hope this motivates you to get your spaces organized!  Do you have any organizing tips or trick to share? I would love to hear from you!

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