Santa came early…

Happy weekend before Christmas friends!  Hope your shopping is done, you’re all wrapped and enjoying the holidays before the man in the red suit arrives!  We always finish wrapping on the last day of the semester since kids are at school. I always look forward to the 2 weeks they are off to sit back and relax.  If you know me well, I don’t relax often, however, I really do try over holiday break.  The kids have a bucket list of fun things they want to do so we concentrate on that and just enjoy the time off.

Karl and I generally don’t get anything for each other, unless we are sneaky, because we just don’t need anything.  This year I was the sneaky one!  Karl works so hard for our family and I wanted to do something special for him.  He has been wanting a Traeger grill for a long time and our friends over at our local Johns Creek ACE hardware  were having a Traeger event a week ago, Thursday.  The Traeger folks came out, cooked up a storm of meat and ACE had 20% off all their Traeger accessories!  Reese takes hip hop class on Thursday nights so I told Karl I would take her, run an ‘errand’ and pick her up.  My ‘errand’ was going to buy the grill.

I am not one to ‘grill’ anything. Karl takes care of the grilling as I think it is just too time consuming…  must be my type A personality.  But I have heard that you literally warm this bad boy up, put in the meat and literally walk away so I thought clearly I can do this?  As soon as I arrived the Traeger folks had so much food!  And it was all SO good!  After I chatted with them for a bit I headed in to purchase the Pro Series 22 pellet grill.  I purchased it along with a bag of pellets (this grill uses pellets only), the table top attachment, some liners and ACE gave you a FREE grill cover for buying the grill.

As I was checking out and setting up delivery for the following Friday, Jan, the store owner, said for every certain dollar amount a customer spent that evening, you were given a raffle ticket to either win an UUNI oven or a YETI cooler.  For the amount I spent, I earned 40 raffle tickets!  Yes – 40!!  I had limited time to fill out all those tickets since I had to go pick up Reese, so they called in a few store associates and we quickly wrote my name and number on 40 tickets.  Karl has also been wanting an UUNI oven -he  likes big tickets items… LOL!    So I decided to put all the tickets in the UUNI raffle.   Now, I never win anything, didn’t think too much about it (even though it was 40 tickets) and off I went to pick up Reese.  About 90 minutes later I get a call from her son Richard and guess what?  I WON the UUNI oven!!!  I was dying laughing!  Really??  I literally never win anything!!  🙂 They wanted to know when I wanted it,  so I told them, just deliver it when you deliver the Traeger and I will just give him both.   So in keeping with being sneaky, I kept it a surprise until it delivered.


We broke in the UUNI the other night.  Did you see my Instagram stories?  We were dying laughing getting used to it and had flour everywhere due to the dough for the pizza sticking!  LOL!   The oven literally makes pizza in 60 seconds…  not kidding!  You rotate it every 20 seconds and 60 seconds later it is completely done.  We also tried a London broil which took 5 minutes and roasted broccoli which took 3 minutes. Everything was delicious!


As I type this, Karl has fired up the Traeger for the first time, and is putting a pork butt on to enjoy for dinner tonight.  I’ll make a side of sautéed cabbage and a carb of some sort for the kids.


Karl and I made the Johns Creek ACE Hardware Facebook page too!


If your local to the north Atlanta area and looking to invest in a Traeger, Big Green Egg or Weber grill,  I highly recommend shopping at our local Johns Creek ACE hardware.  They are very knowledgeable, helpful and their customer service is hands down fantastic!

Do you have an UUNI oven or Traeger? If so, any tips we need to know?



The post Santa came early first appeared on Busy Fit Mom Life 12/23/2018


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