Need a last minute kid party idea?

Hey Friends!

Happy Tuesday!  Since I have 4 kids I have a lot of school holiday parties to attend and plan.  This year is no different.  With a quick peruse of Pinterest, I had all the games, crafts, and food planned in about 20 minutes, sent a sign up genius link out to all the parents asking for donation and BAM! …   party supplies were quickly signed up and volunteers confirmed!  I want to share a kid favorite that I have done the last several years as my donation to the party. A quick visit to the dollar store, some butchers string and about an hour of time and you have the ‘Catch the Donut’ game!


I use a large rectangular container to keep them contained as I work, a few boxes of donuts (I used powdered donuts from the Dollar Store), scissors, and butcher string. You can use any kind of clean white string but I had butcher string on hand.

I cut the string about 24″ long and loop one end through the donut.  Not all donut holes are the same size so I use a chop stick to push it through if needed.  I tie it to the donut.  On the other end of the string I tie a small loop that will fit on a ‘broom stick’.  



When they are all tied I make sure they are placed in the container and the strings are gathered and tied so they don’t get tangled and they travel easily to school.  I string the donuts to the broom stick at school before the game starts.


Before the game starts I loop 3 donuts on the broom stick. With the help of a volunteer, we hold the broom stick horizontally above 3 kids heads that are kneeling on the floor. The kids cannot use their hands at all and can only use their mouths to get the donut off the string.    Whoever bites the donut first wins!

Honestly, I don’t know a kid that doesn’t love this game!  Always a hit at the holiday parties and I usually buy a few extra boxes for the next day which is PJ/read-in day.  I sign up to read in my kids classes and bring the extra donuts for another round of ‘Catch the Donut’!

What other fun games do you do at your child’s holiday party?



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