DIY Christmas card!

Hey Friends!

Hope your week is going well!  I have an easy DIY for you today.  Remember how we didn’t do a holiday card this year because I took that money I would have spent and donated it to 2 special needs foundations instead?  Well, I needed to come up with another option for cards for teacher gifts, therapists, friends, etc.  I came up with this idea after a trip to my favorite place at Target…  the dollar spot!  There are so many fun things at the Target dollar spot and a lot of other great finds for $3 and $5.

I found these blank white cards and these cute tree tags.  8 cards for $1 (I bought 3 packs) and 24 tree gift tags for $1!

All I did was take a piece of double sided tape and put the tree tag on the blank card and that was it!! Easy peasy and it cost me all of $4!  Such a deal and a fun way to make your own card.  You could take it one step further and add a little glue and glitter where the hole is or cut it off, but I liked the way it looked.


I hope this give you a fun idea for holiday cards!  What fun finds have you found lately at the Target dollar spot?



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