Does anyone like to clean? FREE Printable!

Hey Friends! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Ours was busy but quiet. Does that make sense? That’s a fine line between yes, we had several fun things going on but also chilled. I finally dragged myself to the urgent care after my cocktail of drugs wasn’t working anymore for a stuffed head and ended up coming home with a script for antibiotics for a sinus infection. A little bit of rest (I don’t rest often) and I am feeling much better today.

Do you like to clean? Honestly, I don’t think anyone does but it is a chore that needs to get done. Since I am a SAHM running 4 crazy companies – Riley, Reese, Colin, and Chance Inc., the chore is all mine. I will admit every quarter I do have someone come in and do a deep cleaning of floors, base boards, window blinds etc. but I keep up with the day to day cleaning. If you know me, I am pretty anal when it comes to my home. I do like a clean and orderly house but with 4 kids it can quickly get dis-organized.
I have created a fool proof way to keep our house clean and orderly by doing a few tasks every single day so you don’t have to dread doing it and when it comes to the weekend you have tons of time to NOT clean! And with this list I get the kids involved so they know what needs to get done on a daily basis.

Go here for your FREE printable: Cleaning list printable






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