Beyond Grateful

WOW my gratitude is beyond belief….  I am humbled, so very humbled. You all came out and represented and I am forever grateful.  The 9th annual Brew & BBQ for CdLS was a success.  I am not going to lie, I was nervous.  I moved the venue to bring it closer to home and our goal was to create more awareness for the Foundation.  If we didn’t bring in what we did last year in dollars it would still be a win…  and that win was to create AWARENESS of CdLS. But you all showed up and helped us not only create awareness but you CRUSHED my projected goal and for that I am very Grateful!

The event this year had a new way of doing the silent auction. Since we were limited on space this year, we decided to take the silent auction on-line and give Bidding Owl a try.  That is where I was a bit concerned. The Foundation has never used an online bidding platform, I was going to be their ‘guinea pig’.  I am always up for trying something new and I dove in head first.  With the help of Bidding Owls technical department, who got to know me very well,  It was seamless! The platform is super simple to navigate and use.  I opened the auction one week prior and the amount of money raised prior to the event was wonderful! In order to get to the auction on your phone at the event, Karl created a QR code so all you had to do was open up your camera, scan the code and you were in the auction – Seamless!!  People said it was easy to navigate and you were sent a text when someone outbid you on an item.

The venue was fantastic! Currahee Brewery was a fantastic place to have the event.  And the food?  Well, who doesn’t like Smokejack?  Best BBQ in town and everyone loved it! We are already planning next years event so stay tuned to a ‘Save the Date’ announcement first quarter of 2019 so you’ll have plenty of time to get it on your calendar.

I have so many people to thank.  Let’s start with this amazing event planner at Smokejack. She introduced me to Currahee Brewing since they are right next door.  She listened to my vision, what we did in the past, and what I was looking for this time around, and helped make this event a success.  Her name is Fran too, which is why we got a long so great! She helped me every step of the way.  Thank you Fran! You did an amazing job!


Thank you to my event volunteers, my dear friends and family.  Laura, Ellen, Julie, Walter, my brother Frankie, my uncle, known to all as Unc, and my MIL, Rosann known to all as Abuela.  From unloading the car, organizing the auction items at the Brewery, checking people in, manning food tables,  taking pictures and talking up the bidding process, they were there every step of the way asking me what they could do to help. I appreciate all of you!



Thank you to all the silent auction donors from near and far.  Without your support of donating an item/s the silent auction wouldn’t have been so successful!  I am so grateful for your support!

There is one ‘donor team’  I want to shout out.  Steve and Randi, I cannot thank you guys enough. Your ‘village/team’ always shows up for the auction!  Every year you CRUSH the previous year!  Karl and I are thankful for your friendship.  #friendsthatarefamily  I am so grateful for both of you.


And last but not least…  This guy…. This guy is my ROCK.  He has supported and cheered me on since we decided to make the change in venue and take the silent auction on line due to space limitations.  He believed in me that I/we could do this. Our common goal this year was AWARENESS of  CdLS.   Karl, I love you more than you know. Thanks for believing in me that this could be accomplished.


And for all the friends and family (and a bunch of new friends we met that night) Thank you for coming out to support the 9th annual Brew & BBQ for CdLS!  Your support means the world to every child and family affected by this little known syndrome.

With everyones help we raised $6,000 for the CdLS Foundation!

On behalf of the CdLS Foundation, and the families we serve, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

For more information on CdLS visit CdLS Foundation



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