My Skincare Routine

Hey friends!  Happy Friday!  Hope you had a good week!  We have a super fun weekend ahead.  First up  I am working the Newtown Park Family Fall festival on Saturday morning serving up Keto coffee amongst many other FREE health & wellness samples. Come on by if you are out and about!  Saturday night is an annual Halloween party we go to – Adults only – and Karl and I are going as Finn and Marcilene from Adventure time.  I will share pictures next week. 

I am often asked what my skin care routine is. I love to share things that work for me so let’s talk skin today. I have a super fun giveaway at the end of this post and a 40% deal! so read on to find out how you can win! Growing up my mother always told me I should take care of my skin.  It’s your biggest organ and to look and be healthy you need to take care of it.  I started using skin care in middle school. My mother was an Avon rep for 20 years.  I helped her deliver catalogs and put them on neighbors doors. Remember the plastic Avon bags with the holes in them to hang on the doorbell?  Yep, I delivered them for her.  Probably where my love of networking started at a young age 🙂  Avon was all I knew and used since she sold it and received a discount.  I used it well into my 40’s even after my mom stopped selling Avon when they retired and moved to Florida.  I really loved the products.  I  tried other department store brands but I always went back to Avon since it worked so well for me.

When I joined It Works, they had a skin care line so I started using the line so I could share with others.  It’s been 4 years and I am loving it.  I use the entire line.  Here is  quick run down not in any order:

  • PREVENTAGE – DAY cream gel.  I use it every morning to brighten my face and lessen the look of fine lines.
  • WOW – wipes out wrinkles in 90 seconds! Seriously it does!  It’s magical.  I mix half the packet with the day or night cream and massage it over my face.  It tightens and brightens your skin.


  • LIP & EYE – This stuff rocks.  I literally put it on when I wake up before I go to the gym to get rid of bags and puffiness and not look like I just woke up.
  • REPAIRAGE – Is the NIGHT cream gel – I use this nightly to repair and tighten.


  • CLEANSER – The cleanser is amazing!  It works great for acne and even takes off your eye makeup.  I have started using it on Riley as he has started to get a few pimples #puberty and the cleanser has cleared it up.
  • TONER – This toning mist is my favorite during the summer.  After being in the sun it’s great to spray on a to cool off your face. You can even use it to set your make up. 
  • EXFOLIATING PEEL  – I use the peel 1x a week but it can be used 2x/week.  It gently peels away excess oils, dead skin cells, and poor clogging debris.
  • FACIAL – I use one a month to help tighten, tone and firm my skin.  It’s like a spa treatment at home. I usually use the peel first then a facial for 45 minutes.                                                         

There are 2 products I use that are not in the IW line.  

  • CHARCOAL MASK – Love this product! It’s from Younique and it helps to improve your skins appearance.
  • SOLUTIONS PLUS Ageless Solutions – from Avon.  Its and older product that is now called nutracream.  I use this at night as eye cream.

And last but not least my newest skin product…..  COLLAGEN – Why didn’t someone tell me about COLLAGEN a long time ago when I was in my 40s and even 30s?  I have been missing out on this wonderful product. I had no idea of all the benefits of collagen. In addition to better skin, hair and nails it also helps with leaky gut, joint inflammation, boosts metabolism, muscle mass, liver health and so much more. Plus it tastes great! Seriously,   I have seen a difference in my skin and my joints in the last month of using collagen.

Yes, it seems like I use an arsenal of skin care products but it’s a routine I have had for many years and since your face is your first impression I want to keep it healthy and young at my age #thisis51

If you are interested in trying any of the IW’s products that I use in my skin care routine you can get any of them now at 40% off retail without any auto ordering through October 31st!!  All products are natural, botanical and affordable.  If they weren’t I wouldn’t share them with you!



ONE lucky reader has the chance to win a FREE tube of

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Good luck friends!



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